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~§~ Model Days/Evenings section - Please Read Before Posting ~§~

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matt is a moderatorPlatinum Member
27 August 2009 15:27
United Kingdom
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Welcome to our forum for registered Studio* account holders to advertise Studio model days/evenings

Note that this section is NOT intended for advertising Studio hours / availability
Bumped posts will be deleted.

For the record: Studio Accounts are intended for Businesses TRADING as a Photographic Studio For Hire
(i.e. premises charged Business Rates and NOT domestic premises charged Council Tax)
meeting the required regulatory Health & Safety inspection standards covering the hire of studio equipment.

Would members please keep thread titles simple, short and snappy.
Exceedingly long thread titles mess up both the forum listings and the post header.
There is plenty of space in the body of the post for adding fine detail.

Also please only advertise specific dates & models - do not use this section for general advertising.
There is no need to duplicate the studio name in the header if the studio account holder is posting.
Also please do not add rates and timetables etc. in the header.
Posts containing external contact details will be removed - please keep communications on-site.

Please refer to events where several Photographers are working with the same model/s
in your Studio as a Model Day or a Studio Day and not as a Group Shoot**.
(On sites like this Group Shoots are more usually associated with mixed groups of members working communally on a TFP/CD basis)

* Updated 30th March 2012
** Updated May 2012

If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.

WebModerator is a moderator
07 November 2011 03:48
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Quote from matt

*Note that this section is NOT intended for advertising Studio hours / availability

Bumped posts will be deleted.

Updated 16th November
Restrictions will shortly be introduced as some members are continuing to ignore the No Bumping request.
17th November - Threads are now being Locked if needlessly bumped.
18th Nov - It is acceptable to answer a query in your thread but unacceptable to bump* other threads down the list.

 30th Nov - self-deleting & reposting the same event to try to stay at the top is also considered to be bumping
Jan '12 - posting timeslots as an excuse to update with a bump to the top will result in a Lock on the thread

*Bumping is posting in a topic you have started (or in which you are participating) which results in the event ascending above other members' events

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30 March 2012 13:49

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This section is once again only available to registered Studio account holders.
Section Guidelines will be revised shortly.

Ridiculously large images posted into the forums will be replaced with this one until the topic starter fixes their post:-

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