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Stupid Expressions

05 September 2010 17:48

One thing I really hate is when people say to me 'Can't go wrong at that price'. Why, what could possibly go wrong? You just paid a quid for a tshirt...
*La la la la la, I can't hear you.*

05 September 2010 18:32

Ye'll be laughing on the other side o' yer face

Stap yer greetin' or ah'll gie ya summin tae greet aboot!

If I were you...

I'll smack you into next week

when all's said and done...

At the end of the day...

We do not stop playing because we have grown old; we grow old because we have stopped playing

08 September 2010 09:43

Well I am from Wales and these make no will know what I mean but we use these daily

I'll be there in a minute now (no either you will be here now or in a minute)

Whos shoes are these boots (no just whos boots are these will do)

Whos coat is this jacket (same as above)

and my fave

you three are a right pair (no surely a pair is two no three!!)
I love it when you flex like that :P

08 September 2010 09:54

you've made youre bed now lay in it

slightly backwards ?

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