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G13 ~§~ Shoot Diary Notes ~§~

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Shoot Diary

Add A New Shoot Help Notes

The purpose of this feature is to help eliminate the confusion that sometimes arises between photographer and model when a
shoot is arranged. The screen is fairly self explanatory and comprises of the following steps :-
1) Enter the title of the new shoot, this can be anything that will help you to identify the shoot.
2) Enter the username of the person you are doing the shoot with; this must be an active member on Purestorm,
   (When you have entered the username and clicked out of the box a mini profile of the person you have entered should appear underneath.)
3) Enter the date of the shoot
4) Enter the time of the shoot
5) Enter the location of the shoot

Once you have entered these details you can click on the Save button.
When you click on the Save button there are 2 events that are triggered :-
1) An email is sent to the person you have entered informing them that you have set up the shoot, they will then be able to
confirm or reject the request.
2) The shoot is added to your  Scheduler

You should receive a PM from the other member saying if they have confirmed or not

Click here to set up a new shoot
Footnote: 24 hours before the arranged shoot both members should also receive a pop-up Reminder

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