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G11 ~§~ Organising Non-Commercial Group Shoots ~§~

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The Community Events and Group Shoots* section is intended primarily for the promotion of
¤ Model & Photographer Events Of Interest To The Community
¤ Studio Open Days - Where Registered Studio Owners Are Offering A Chance To View
¤ Non-Profit  Group Shoots* Open For All Members To Participate

The section is NOT intended for promotion of commercial
'Model Days' or 'Model Nights'  or for General Studio Hire Business
If a Premium Model is participating in a Model Day/Evening
they should advertise in the Casting Calls 
If a Studio account holder is promoting a Model Day/Evening
they should advertise this in Studio Model Days/Evenings

*Group shoots are where groups of models AND photographer members band together on a non-profit basis
to shoot and network at locations that they would not otherwise use.

Commercial Model Days / Nights promoted by studios or individuals are not Group Shoots
and will be moved to the relevant sections if posted incorrectly (or deleted if started by a Free member).

Reminder: Community Events Is Intended For Non-Commercial** Events ONLY.
If charges are being incurred to cover venue/location fees they must be minimal and shared equally
and the organiser should NOT pocket any profit or additional revenue gathered.
An explanation of where fees are going MUST be clearly intimated.

**Events which are evidently COMMERCIAL in nature (i.e. where any member is earning) will be removed.
Model Day/Nights where models earn fees are NOT non-commercial and should currently be advertised in
Studio Model Days/Evenings (by the Studio account holder) or the Casting Calls (by the Premium Model)

These rules have evolved over time in response to specific problems, sometimes serious, generated by a number of past events.
All members, irrespective of account type or perceived personal standing on the site, are expected to comply with the rules.


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