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~§~ Photographers Masking Their Identity ~§~

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We appreciate that some photographers (for example those shooting pornography or moonlighting or worried by their partner's reaction to what they are shooting) may wish not to reveal their true identity on publicly visible areas of the site which is why we provide an Alias field. However all members are expected to truthfully fill in the First Name and Last Name fields of the Personal Details section of their registration. You can ensure you have these fields correctly completed by going here:-

If it is drawn to Administrator attention that a Photographer may have been deceiving Model members to his true identity and when we then check their registration we discover that he or she has given us false names we reserve the right to take the profile offline until we can establish who they really are.  Also if we suspect a false name is being used because there have been contentious issues concerning previous accounts it is likely that the account will be taken offline while it is under Administrator Investigation.

If when asked you are unwilling to reveal your identity (a copy of  your Driving Licence or Passport - sent to a special email address issued by way of an Admin Alert which only the profile user can see - are usually sufficient) it is likely your account will be Suspended or Terminated.

Note: Members who have previously Upgraded with a bank card in their own name or that of a photography / photographic studio business  are usually considered to have provided sufficient evidence of identity, but if there are indications of irregularity we may still require Driving Licence or Passport details as back-up. 
This is essentially a Model Safety issue and is non-negotiable.

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