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I have C Diff

Dee is off-line
24 April 2013 12:37
United Kingdom

Quote from Truedefinition
Hi, if I was you I'd get a second opinion. Having witnessed how debilitating C-Diff can be, I would expect you to be very ill in bed, or in hospital. Immediate treatment with very strong drugs is essential. I'd also advise having some Pro-Biotics. It is also highly infectious, toilets have to be sanitised etc. It's usually caused by having too many anti-biotics which kill off the good bacteria in your stomach or from being in contact with it. This is a nasty bit... the smell from the poo is very strong a little like horse manure, and is a sure give away it is actually C-Diff. Im not a Doctor, but like I say I have witnessed it first hand..


Thank you for messaging me on this post. its good to hear from someone who knows how ill you can get from C Diff!

I am on the strongest medication to get rid of the C Diff. My tempreture is sky high and i feel hot one minute shivery the next. i dont know what to do with myself :/ lol
The symptoms have been coming on slowly but surely. I have a pretty bad form of C Diff, My doctor doesnt want me to go in to hospital as i have other medical conditions that effect my immune system. they have also had to shut dowh some wards due to the vomitting bug :/
The medication is not helpingi dont think . i have been on them since last friday when i found out and was hoping to improve by now! i have noticed my temperature has got higher and the symptoms a bit more intense. I dont think there working so i will go back to the Doctor ( possibly call a Doctor out ) as i dont want to infect others with the C Diff. I'm very kind hearted and would hate to see someone get C Diff because of me
I think if the next step dont work. i will be most likely in Hospital on a drip for fluids lost etc .

I'm still determined to get better. i have lots to focus on, Even when im low i try to keep my spirits up. With the symptoms and other problems its causing to much fuss and aggrivates me as i just want to get on with things and move forward!! lol

Thank you for posting . Its nice to hear from you!

Take care now


Jay Forrest is off-line
13 April 2017 14:55

United Kingdom
North Yorkshire


Not sure if this is live but it's worth investigating a faecal matter transplant, usually comes in tabs best going to a well renowned source/clinic.

Take care


GerryS2 is off-line
14 April 2017 07:47

United Kingdom

Although not infectious, I am dealing with diverticulitis and rather unpleasant side effects of radiotherapy after prostate cancer, so I can only just begin to understand what you must be going through, with the added danger factor.
Here's hoping you make a full and speedy recovery.

HowardJ is off-line
14 April 2017 08:52
United Kingdom
West Midlands

Not heard from Dee for a while. I hope she is ok and keeping her chin up.

AGS is off-line
16 April 2017 09:35

United Kingdom
West Yorkshire

Brings new meaning to "well, I have to run" lol... ok i jest, sorry, I hear putting healthy poop in there can help - saw it once on trust me im a doctor.

Damn our bodies and damn medical science.

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