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22 November 2013 08:30
United Kingdom

Scotland is divided into 3 regions and has a population of around 5million and a distance of around 400 miles end to end.
Wales is divided into 2 regions and has a population of around 3million and a distance of around 150 miles end to end.
South West is 1 region and has a population of around 5million and a distance of around 275miles end to end.

Would be really useful to have a better breakdown of the region to given the size and poulation to make seraches more meaningful.
No point looking at casting calls in the SW as many are in Reading which is only 50 miles from London and  200 from Plymouth.

There was talk of a better search option which I was really hopeful would resolve this issue.  It is very frustration at the moment, and yes I would renew my paid membershp if it ever got resolved/improved.

1. Devon/Cornwall (South West)
2. Somerset,Wiltshire\Dorset\Bristol\Glouchestershire (West)
3. Hampshire\Berkshire\Oxford  (Central South)

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