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So who went to SWPP, what gear did you buy, and what talks did you go too......

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23 January 2014 18:07
United Kingdom
Seaton, E Devon.

Quote from PureWhitePhotography
 I think with tough times a lot of people held off to see what happened with Focus (now "the Photography show" I understand) as it brings a lot more footfall. It must cost what to run a stand there for 3 days - £7K+? ...........Is the birmingham show going to be worth the trip is the bigger question.

Having exhibited at both shows I am happy to share the rough costs...

At SWPP, a basic 3x2 stand with electric is about £700 for the weekend.. you then have to get there, live, pay staff etc....  TFC fund their space with extensive gear loan for speakers, and others fund their space by various loans, sponsorships etc. Essentially, for two people on the basic sized stand it's about £1500 in total. (Have to say our bar bill is minimal, and restaurant bills are by no means flamboyant - it would be easy to raise that considerably on sustainance alone!)

At The Photography Show, shell scheme space is £250 per square meter, plus £100 for website, plus electrics - £50 odd for a 13 amp socket, £35 for a spotlight, plus a mandatory testing fee. Then there is accommodation for six days (two days set up....) and other expenses which by the nature of the show are larger than for the SWPP such as printing, display etc. Our policy is not to spend any more on in show advertising such as space in show guides, banners in the halls etc. It's very easy to let the extras get out of hand.

In total, for a 10sq m stand it works out at about £7000k for us.

Is it going to be worth the visit? Well.... there is a pretty good programme of speakers laid on, but I suspect it will be like the year Focus tried the catwalk in the centre, with frequent jams of people traffic while the sessions are on. Most of the regular Focus exhibitors in terms of gear are going to be there, and there seem to be a lot of training companies listed.

The opportunity for exhibitors to get information onto the show website is much better, so you should have plenty of chance to decide whether its going to be worth the trip: Being the first one there is going to be some pretty hefty negative feedback on some aspects of the event, but having been very sceptical about the show initially, I am fairly enthusiastic about the show compared to Focus.
There is certainly not going to be anything like as much empty space as was becoming the case in the last few years at Focus.

Have a look at the show site and make up your own mind   (and how the hell did they get that domain ???)

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23 January 2014 19:01
United Kingdom

I spent more time chatting to the girl on the Clic stand than anything else, although I did speak to Hardy on the Flaghead stand, I've know Hardy since he was at Keith Johnson in Great Marlborough Street.
Laurence J. Power

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