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New desktop enquiry

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08 March 2016 07:52

United Kingdom

Actually, I'm still running the modest 4gb of Ram the machine came with! You think an upgrade would be worthwhile? It could be done....

Steven Jardine is off-linePlatinum Member
08 March 2016 08:08
United Kingdom
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Quote from Rawandthecooked
Actually, I'm still running the modest 4gb of Ram the machine came with! You think an upgrade would be worthwhile? It could be done....

I'd say it's always worth doing.

4GB is what I've got in my aging PC (about 7/8 years old now) and it can happily edit HD video or process images but as soon as you start layering effects etc. then you're asking for trouble as it massively slows down as it resorts to paging / scratch file usage.
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26 March 2016 06:03

United Kingdom

Quote from xtiggerx
Hey all...
Im looking to finally update my ancient laptop,its handled my work load and internet useage,its a AMD Turion64,17" HP Pavilion,using Win 7Pro,i use CS3 its a heavy item and been upgraded as much as it can with extra ram,but still too slow.....
MY QUESTION happy with AMD and dont want Windows10 if i can aviod it when buying a new pc,doesnt have to be a laptop but screen size needs to be 17" or thinking of changing to a Apple? Mac.....maybe a all in one.....
So im looking for advice and best models to aim for.....Ive always been a careful buyer rather than spending 'big bucks' cause its "in" or new.I dont have a iphone and dont desire one.....i dont download games,music or movies....

Thanks for reading.......

Stick with Windows. Macs are OK but these days are not reliable or honestly priced. Avoid all in ones. iMacs are too thin and over a couple of years grill themselves to an early grave. Get a nice modern desktop, with a monitor that doesn't cause the graphics card to implode (2560x1440 max) and you are set. 5k screens are a silly fad that will cause grief except on monster screens that you wont need on a computer anyway.

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