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Model Day, Wiltshire, in a Large Dance Studio. Sat. April 23rd. 3 hours with a model to topless

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17 March 2016 13:48
United Kingdom

Model Day, In Wiltshire in a Large Dance Studio SATURDAY APRIL 23rd 2.30pm 3 hours with a model to topless

6 Photographers 2.30pm to 5.30pm. Well organised and friendly with tea and coffee. £60 pp

This is a large dance studio and Laura Challoner is our model for the session. Laura is a Dancer and was a model now retired, but looking forward to this session. Laura is happy to work to topless. You will need a flash and Paul Tyler MA is over seeing the event and will be happy to give tuition to anyone wishing it. We have shot here twice before and both times were a huge success.


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