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Open house to test the upgraded studio facilities

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23 July 2016 08:31

United Kingdom
West Sussex

The studio is currently undergoing refurbishment and extensive improvements which should be largely physically complete (except fitting out and some redecoration) by Friday 12 August and I'd like you to come and try it out.

All I ask is a voluntary contribution please to cover copious supplies of tea, coffee, electricity and insurance and the place will be open and available to anyone 10 am - 4 pm Friday 19 August, and by special arrangement earlier the same week.

MODELS: PLEASE BRING A TOG ... or two ... or three; TOGS: PLEASE BRING A MODEL ... or four ... or five ... or more ... or anyone else you want to involve. I am not providing models on this date, but I will be for the grand official opening on Saturday 3 September (see separate event).

There will be three shooting areas ready - high-key, low-key and wet-set. There'll be green screen available, I can get the pole dance poles (yes, two of them) out, and I should have suspension facilities ready by then. All I need is a rigger, but I'm working on that, and seriously qualified volunteers are welcome. There will be triggers available but if you want to bring your own please feel free to do so.

Bowens kit (mainly Golds and Silvers) with Interfit fills and a whacking great Lastolite Hilite.

You do need to book please, just so I've got an idea who's coming, and how much mayhem I need to manage.

Limited free parking on site and just out in the lane, but Langbury Lane and Littlehampton Road have parking about a five minute walk away and Asda's just across the main road.

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