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Master of Photography

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03 September 2016 12:40

Quote from Havocphotography
is anyone actually enjoying it? i keep watching but it's like every other car crash reality show, wrapped up in this pretentious, superficial veneer of Sky Arts "class". And that rude, obnoxious old judge... damn, I'd like to punch him.

It is a lot less fun that I'd hoped. If Rupert wasn't on it I'd have sacked it after episode 2.
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04 September 2016 15:19
United Kingdom

I've watched all episodes to date, but find myself disillusioned by all the judges comments - none of them seem to be able to give decent constructive criticism of the images they see before them....and as for the "Masters" images they show from the nineteenth or twentieth century - I think most of us could take a better image with our eyes shut!!
It is such a shame that the producers have spent so much time with their props, and fancy video'd camera angles, that they are missing the real essence of what the show should be about ....."Masters of Photography" - in which case we would all probably feel we could learn something, or at least get some inspiration - Oh and to finish off - You've all hit the nail on the head as none of you have mentioned the judges by name - and neither can I doubt due to the fact they're all probably failed photographers and couldn't use a decent bit of light between them LMAO!

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