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01 September 2016 12:48

Ok I've not been on here very long and I'm fairly new to modelling, I'd really appreciate your opinions, tips or suggestions about/ on my portfolio.
Thank you in advance

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01 September 2016 14:09

United Kingdom
West Yorkshire

Work towards or in, your goal market. If it's adult, just list adult, and don't blur out genitals. If it's topless, concentrate on that instead and wear lingerie, if it's glamour, find a good MUA and invest in time and learning poses that compliment your frame before you go into a photoshoot so the results will be the best they can be. Choose good photographers (with a great port) to work with that know how to shoot in the styles you are wanting to shoot and that can do great post processing - you may have to pay for the better ones. Invest in yourself. Nothing happens overnight, but If you meander aimlessly and have no real focus, not much is going to happen.

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