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Nikon D810 or D750?

27 November 2016 08:48

I use both a D600 and a D610 and I agree absolutely with everything that Kiboko has said. Unless resolution is an absolute priority, OR if you want better autofocus in low light, then go for the D610. My advice is, just get the body, not the kit with the 24-85 zoom. I find I am using my old manual Nikon lenses more and more. There are exceptions, but generally the older metal non AF Nikon lenses are sharper and much better made than the current plastic rubbish. The fact is that, because they are not made to the same tolerances, AF lenses suck in more and more dust, the more you use them. With what you save by buying the D610, buy better lenses! The great thing about choosing these full frame Nikon bodies is that you can use your 35 year old lenses if you have them and buy them cheaply if you don't.

Quote from Kiboko
I bought the Nikon D610 as a replacement for my aging Canon EOS 5D Mk II, - there was absolutely no comparison, the Nikon is SO much better. I would like to have bought an EOS 5D Mk III, but the cost was prohibitive being in excess of £2k, as was the Nikon D800/810. I saved myself some £400 going for the D610, and wasn't disappointed. One review described it as being probably the best value camera on the market, (at that time), & I simply can't fault it. Since then, things have moved on with the introduction of several new Canon models and Nikons' D750, - but look at the cost! So my point is, do you really need to spend as much as you will if you go for either of those two models? You might find the D610, (still a current model with a 24.3mp sensor), is more than capable for your needs, & save yourself some £400. I've invested more in my lenses, bodies come & go. I won't be buying a new body now for a few years, whatever new comes out. If money is no object and no great concern, go for the D810 for the pixel count. The D750 won't be noticeably different from the D610 IQ wise, but will cost you more as it's a newer model with some technical upgrades. If you decide not to go for the D810 for any reason, consider the D610 as against the D750.

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27 November 2016 18:03
United Kingdom

Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.       cheeky

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