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Old profiles that no one has used in years are they ever deleted?

Bob is off-linePlatinum Member
26 November 2016 09:13
United Kingdom

Quote from VicPics
It's a shame you wish to infer that I'm "a fresh meat raptor looking to pounce on newbies"

It's a shame you wish to presume inferenence when I clearly said one, rather than you, when querying why some seem so intent on chasing 'fresh' models rather than focussing on those active models at the top of the listings.

If down to me, new models' portfolios would not appear on search listings for the first few months of their presence, to allow them to better understand both this site and t'internet modelling scene, but as so many shooters appear to be pretty much only interested in pouncing on newbies (to stake their claim?) it would probably be commercial suicide for site owners to implement such a policy.

As for dormant portfolios, I suspect that dhuntuk has probably hit the nail on the head when he says "profiles make good, cheap advertising for the site" and I suspect also that having such a large archive of model portfolios, even though most may have only dabbled for the usual few weeks or few months, helps attract more models to the site.

Quote from VicPics
A policy of freezing a non active member following a few months of non use, would improve the sites efficiency and popularity.

As innactive portfolios are effectively already 'frozen', through the simple fact that the user has not logged in for a period of time, the only further course of action would be to deactivate them. I fail to see how that could possibly "improve the sites efficiency and popularity" when 'frozen' portfolios are already very efficiently dealt with by the Search options. 


AGS is off-line
04 December 2016 14:57

United Kingdom
West Yorkshire

Distance im prepared to drive -vs- Looks, price, and availability.
"How much do I want this person in my port, can I justify it?"

I continue to sit quietly... and wait....

Too many dead but interesting profiles, and nowhere near enough quality, live, active ones.

Maybe its time for folks to let go... the glory days of enjoyable 1-2-1 shoots feel pretty much over.
Sign of the times *shruggs* - I only shoot studio model events now, and only then when time affords it; site's good to watch, kinda, now n again, but that's about it.

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