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New tripod and head.

27 January 2017 15:50

I've recently bought the Manfrotto 055 Xpro 3 and the Xpro 3 head and just practised using it, though not on a shoot. All I can say is f*** me, it's a serious piece of kit. It's solid as a rock, and even without the centre column raised it places my camera's viewfinder at all but eye level (I'm 5' 11"), so no having to raise the centre column with the instability doing so causes. My current tripod, the Manfrotto 190CLB, looks like a toy in comparison. It's served me well over the years but I felt it was time for a change and I'm really chuffed with my choice. Can't wait to use it on a shoot, especially for some near ground level shots with its tilting centre column. The only negative I could find from my quick familiarisation with everything is the fact there's only 1 small screw to lock the head in place, rather than the 3 on the 190. Even with the head screwed onto the tripod and the small locking screw tightened as much as I dared, I was still able to unscrew the head with not too much effort. Now retightened, I'll make sure to keep a screw driver in my camera bag and check the screw regularly. Like I said, though, that's the only negative I could find; over all this seems like a brilliant setup. Edit: I forgot to mention the handles on the head - with just a pull they extend outwards, making them easier to use when the camera's attached (no fiddling about with awkward to access stubby ones), then just push back in when packing away after a shoot. Awesome.

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