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Back at work! Why is it so quite?

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04 April 2017 10:20
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Quote from anthonyh
I think Purpleport has 'critical mass' a gravitational black hole, it is large enough to suck in any new models. To be blunt, the last few I have worked with (from there) hadn't even heard of this site. But if it is any consolation...they didn't know of any other sites either (other than FB). But it is good that there are some on here that find it works for them.

I'm sure the same was thought about this site when NM started to flounder too. Remember Friends reunitied? Myspace? The inernet is a brutal place for social interaction style sites. Things can very quickly tilt the other way if peoples tastes change or their perception of the site turns negative. My own guess it Matt will get one good crack at this. If a new site comes online that attact positive reviews  and has the free account pitched right then curiosity and word of mouth will bring a lot of people back. Which I would love to see. Not out of any malice to other sites, I just think competition keeps things healthy.

A 'Meh' new site that simply tidies up the graphics though or making the free accounts too limited initially will probably spell the end alas. PP ran quite generous free accounts for some time in order to reach critical mass lets remember and I suspect failing to match that promptly was the start of things turning downhill. No pressure on Matt then
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04 April 2017 11:53
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Iv'e just redesigned my site from scratch.. made it responsive & loads of admin in the background.. took forever & it's a very simple site: no data base, no logins, no forums.. just text & photos I'd hate to think how long a more complicated site redesign would take..

As for busy.. I agree PP is in a good place at the moment ( though I just deleted my account ).. though even there quality of user experience varies.. Interested to see the upgrades & with any luck it will breathe new life back into the place..

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10 June 2017 04:01

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"You cannot make an ap for the site ..."

You missed it. The OMs question was why it is so quiet here. In my first post you could read one reason: getting logged out if you type too slow or it takes too long.
I (I) am not impressed by that, because it annoyed me to loose an ours effort trying to help.

In my next post I made it very short:
The young girls do everything by phone. Maybe you are right that an app is not possible, but then its just something else what blinks and sounds on a mobile phone. If it does not they don't even look at that.
Then is there the MASS effect: There was excellent video systems like beta max and video 2000, but the MASS bought the crap VHS. The MASS bought still VW beetles although there where much better cars available. The MASS is hanging on FB, nobody knows why, 99.9% what you see there is just ... nothing... Actually, I can find there in a 10 minute search more bare Ti.s and open than here on PS.If you don't know where - you have no idea ... There where excellent PCs on the world called Mac, but the MASS bought the crap ones. The MASS of the girls has changed mind. They are now somewhere, for actually no proper reason, its just a MASS phenomena. You run with the MASS , or you are out (in the quiet). Except you grow to the successful exemption.

I have tried to suggest a solution, maybe it does not work. You suggested nothing. I do not need this site, you may need it.

The simple answer to the OM is: Its quiet here because the MASS is elsewhere.

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