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Honest opinion from another woman's point of view??

becki is off-line
28 March 2017 16:18

United Kingdom
deeping st james


I've been away for a few years now, but have come back and am looking at starting again,
Can I have some honest opinions please on my profile and pictures? I never feel they are good enough?
And would really like honest opinions, I can take criticism ??, also any tips to chuck at me or ideas feel free,
Thanks everyone,

Copperbronze is off-line
29 March 2017 03:18

United Kingdom
New Malden

Your portfolio images are dated 2011 so unless your look hasn't changed in the intervening years they're not all that relevant. You need to contact a couple of photographers whose work you like and offer your services for a couple of TF shoots then restock your portfolio with up to date images. Only then will anyone's opinions be helpful to you

ChrisS is off-line
30 March 2017 16:53

United Kingdom

Ok. Honest opinion from a male (sorry!)

Your images look good, but there's no diversity, they're all very similar. As Copperbronze says, you haven't done anything for a few years. I wouldn't go as far to say they're not relevant but you could do with some more recent images - even a temporary selfie or two, to give photographers an idea of what you look like now.

I agree a few TF shoots are in order for a spot of recent, diverse images.

Also, your bio states that you only work up to implied nude, yet all your pics are nude or topless. Maybe you should revise that line to something like "no longer wishing to do nude photography" or something like that?

Why don't you feel your current images are good enough?

Dave J is off-lineGold Member
15 July 2017 04:08
United Kingdom

hi Bex welcome back if your ever back visiting family and friends down here pop a message over as id happily update your port.

oh a early image of you is on my site and id like a few newer ones of you as well.

i don't pass comments about peoples ports as if we all thought the same it would be boring, what 1 person likes another wont' so variety is a safer option.

hope you and the family are well

Dave and Juila

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