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Alex is off-line
16 April 2017 11:19

United Kingdom
West Yorkshire

Hi everyone!

New to purestorm, can people have a look at my profile and let e know what you think?


redbaron is off-lineSilver Member
17 April 2017 03:51
United Kingdom
Stoke Mandeville

Hi Alex. Welcome onboard. Apologies its a little quiet here at the moment. In terms of feedback on your profile The images are enough to see your figure and face, which is a good start. What they do not really show is modelling ability. That may be an issue with photographers who do not have the experience to guide models into poses.

I would fine some profiles of models that are a similar build who have poses you think work then start practicing in front of a mirror until you have a core set of poses you know you can pull off well. Then start replacing images with more contemporary work. I suspect a few may be the shots by your dad as they look like what I would have shot 30 years ago. Like I say server the purpose but need replacing when you can
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