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25 August 2008 02:38

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We have had a number of reports over the last few weeks of young models having lied about their age to create a Purestorm profile. When attempting to verify age with photographers who have worked with these models we have discovered that quite a few have not checked ID purely because they assumed that those who had shot the model before would have done so.

Please be aware that it is the responsibility of the photographer to ensure that the subject he or she shoots is old enough for the style or level being photographed. Also please note that a Paid membership level is NOT any guarantee that the registrant is eighteen, as it is not unusual for relatives and other third parties to pay for the profiles of younger members.

The Purestorm Team


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29 September 2008 14:37
United Kingdom

Just need to bring this up again folks
OK we had a report in about a model today
profile stated she was 19
Guy that reported her was seeking local models and came across this girls My Space profile
she is in fact just 16
A few photographers on here had worked with her
from replies back so far
NONE had asked for or checked ID
One assumed she was 19, as she said so
Another asked for ID but she didn't have any
, just because a model says shes 18 or over
doesn't necessarily mean she is
please ask to see some form of ID
I am old enough to say I have done it, and still young enough to do it again! ;}

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