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10 Tips to make your hair look great

Tip 1:
If your part never looks straight when making pigtails or braids, use a comb or pencil to make a zigzag part on your scalp. Funky pigtails are the way to go so you don't worry about a crooked part.

Tip 2:
Want your natural curls to hold better? After you shampoo and condition, apply more conditioner to the ends, then blow dry. The extra conditioner will hold the curl tighter.

Tip 3:
Always wished for fuller hair? After blow drying your hair, use a large curling iron-- but just curl the hair from halfway down to the root (leaving out the ends). It will give you beautifully fuller hair.

Tip 4:
Here's something you can do with long hair while watching TV or on the computer: Look for split ends and using small hair scissors, cut each split end individually.

Tip 5:
Here's a funky tip for cutting your bangs: Cut them at a diagonal so it's at different lengths across your forehead. That way, you don't have to worry about cutting them uneven or too short.

Tip 6:
Want your hair to shine? Apply a shine serum using a powder brush. Don't put on too much. Sweep the brush across hair by the face and onto ends.

Tip 7:
Here's a tip you can do in the shower to get shiny hair: After you shampoo and condition, give your locks a final rinse with cold water.

Tip 8:
Wonder what part works best for your style? If you have bangs, a side part looks best; if you have layers, a center works best for most people.

Tip 9:
10. Egg shampoo. You have probably heard of it before and now I'm going to tell you what it does for your hair. IT ADDS PROTEIN. So, if you have damaged, fragile, or even tinted hair, this might be perfect for you. It is also very gentle and cleanses without removing the natural oil.

Tip 10:
Massage the lather into your hair, don't rub. You can activate the sabaceous glands, causing more oil to be released. Rubbing can also cause the hair to catch on the other hairs, causing damage..

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