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How To Look Good

Facial Cleansing

Women who wear make-up should carry out a routine of cleansing, toning and moisturing each evening, as well as washing the face in the morning. Cleansing will remove old make-up and the grime and grease that have been accumulated during the day.


Toners remove all traces of dirt, make-up or cleanser that remain after cleansing.


Without moisture, the skin will not remain smooth and supple. The face is exposed to the drying effect of the weather, so moisturisers -- which form a film over the skin -- contain and augment the natural moisture.

10 Hair Care Tips
  1. Love your hair.
    This may sound obvious, but it often isn't to a lot of people. Hair has energy and spirit just like every other part of your body and it responds better to kindness and love than neglect and anger. If you hate your hair and ignore it, it will be like a flower that you don't water. It will wilt and die. Show your hair total love and respect and it will blossom and grow and be beautiful.
  2. Accept your hair for what it is.
    If your hair is thin, wavy, curly or stick straight, try to accept that and not torture it by using strong chemicals that may damage it just to straighten it or curl it. If you decide that you want your hair to be different, make the changes as kindly as possible to your hair. Condition your hair before you straighten or perm it and make sure that you use the best products and get the best advice for your hair.
  3. Maintain your hair with pride and consistency.
    Depending on the length and style, have it trimmed appropriately. If you wear your hair short, have the style refreshed every 3-4 weeks. If you are growing your hair longer, have it trimmed every 6-8 weeks to remove split ends.
  4. Find a stylist you trust who treats you and your hair with respect.
    No matter how famous or great a stylist is, if they don't respect your hair needs, wants and desires, you will not be happy with the results. Ask people for the name of their stylist and why they like them. Select a few that have a reputation of concern for the customer and check them out.
  5. Treat your stylist with total respect and consideration.
    A good relationship with a stylist is a two-way street. Always arrive promptly on time, be prepared for the visit (bring photos of any styles you want to try or new hair colors to experiment with). If you are going to be late, call in advance. If you have to cancel, give as much notice as possible. Always thank your stylist and tip them well to show your appreciation for the care they took with your hair.
  6. Invest in the best products for your hair.
    Everyone has a budget they must adhere to, but with the money you have, buy the very best you can for your hair. If you can't afford salon quality products, buy the best you can afford. Make the extra effort to shop for products on sale or on the Net to save money and afford you a better product.
  7. Choose healthy habits for your hair.
    Any habits that damage your body also damage your hair. Exercise, eat well and avoid smoking and alcohol, or at least cut back. Your hair is just one part of the holistic you.
  8. Knowledge is power.
    Learn as much as you can about your hair. Visit hair care websites, read articles that you see and flip through the magazines while you are waiting in line at the grocery store checkout. Observe what other people do that have gorgeous hair and ask them for advice. People love to share knowledge.
  9. Pay close attention to your hair and listen to its needs.
    If you notice a change in texture or condition, take time to evaluate what may be happening and make adjustments. Your hair, like your body, sends you signals about what it needs. Is it drier or oilier or frizzier? Is it breaking or falling out or acting unusual? Get to know your hair and understand what it needs.
  10. Pamper your hair at least once a week.
    This can be as simple as giving yourself a hot oil treatment or taking extra Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). Give yourself a relaxing scalp massage or apply a special deep conditioning pack. Do something for your hair that makes it feel special. Your hair will respond in kind.
10 Essential Health Tips (The Basics to Practice Every Day)
  1. Move More
    Make it a daily challenge to find ways to move your body. Climb stairs if given a choice between that and escalators or elevators. Walk your dog; chase your kids; toss balls with friends, mow the lawn. Anything that moves your limbs is not only a fitness tool, it's a stress buster. Think 'move' in small increments of time. It doesn't have to be an hour in the gym or a 45-minute aerobic dance class or tai chi or kickboxing. But that's great when you're up to it. Meanwhile, move more. Thought for the day: Cha, Cha, Cha. Then do it!
  2. Cut Fat
    Avoid the obvious such as fried foods, burgers and other fatty meats (i.e. pork, bacon, ham, salami, ribs and sausage). Dairy products such as cheese, cottage cheese, milk and cream should be eaten in low fat versions. Nuts and sandwich meats, mayonnaise, margarine, butter and sauces should be eaten in limited amounts. Most are available in lower fat versions such as substitute butter, fat free cheeses and mayonnaise. Thought for the day: Lean, mean, fat-burning machine. Then be one!
  3. Quit Smoking
    The jury is definitely in on this verdict. Ever since 1960 when the Surgeon General announced that smoking was harmful to your health, Americans have been reducing their use of tobacco products that kill. Just recently, we've seen a surge in smoking in adolescents and teens. Could it be the Hollywood influence? It seems the stars in every movie of late smoke cigarettes. Beware. Warn your children of the false romance or 'tough guy' stance of Hollywood smokers. Thought for the day: Give up just one cigarette. the next one.
  4. Reduce Stress
    Easier said than done, stress busters come in many forms. Some techniques recommended by experts are to think positive thoughts. Spend 30 minutes a day doing something you like. (i.e.,Soak in a hot tub; walk on the beach or in a park; read a good book; visit a friend; play with your dog; listen to soothing music; watch a funny movie. Get a massage, a facial or a haircut. Meditate. Count to ten before losing your temper or getting aggravated. Avoid difficult people when possible. Thought for the day: When seeing red, think pink clouds.then float on them.
  5. Protect Yourself from Pollution
    If you can't live in a smog-free environment, at least avoid smoke-filled rooms, high traffic areas, breathing in highway fumes and exercising near busy thoroughfares. Exercise outside when the smog rating is low. Exercise indoors in air conditioning when air quality is good. Plant lots of shrubbery in your yard. It's a good pollution and dirt from the street deterrent. Thought for the day: 'Smoke gets in your eyes'and your mouth, and your nose and your lungs as do pollutants.hum the tune daily.
  6. Wear Your Seat Belt
    Statistics show that seat belts add to longevity and help alleviate potential injuries in car crashes. Thought for the day: Buckle down and buckle up.
  7. Floss Your Teeth
    Recent studies make a direct connection between longevity and teeth flossing. Nobody knows exactly why. Perhaps it's because people who floss tend to be more health conscious than people who don't? Thought for the day: Floss and be your body's boss.
  8. Avoid Excessive Drinking
    While recent studies show a glass of wine or one drink a day (two for men) can help protect against heart disease, more than that can cause other health problems such as liver and kidney disease and cancer. Thought for the day: A jug of wine should last a long time.
  9. Keep a Positive Mental Outlook
    There's a definitive connection between living well and healthfully and having a cheerful outlook on life. Thought for the day: You can't be unhappy when you're smiling or singing.
  10. Choose Your Parents Well
    The link between genetics and health is a powerful one. But just because one or both of your parents died young in ill health doesn't mean you cannot counteract the genetic pool handed you. Thought for the day: Follow these basic tips for healthy living and you can better control your own destiny.
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