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Chris Symanowski

Chris Symanowski

ID Number:264994
Member type:Photographer
Region:New York
Country:United States
Status:Semi Professional
Work Preference:Stock Photo
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:26 February 2016
Last Updated:26 February 2016
Last Login:21 March 2016
Junior Photographer
Mirror Magazine, New York
July 2010 - till date

Carry the equipments up to the venue, install the photography instruments and keep it ready for operations
Take photographs at the event and capture the special moments of the event. Cover up the highlights of the event through lenses.
Ask the guests or models to line up for the photograph. Ask them to stand in a suitable formation that allows capturing their photos beautifully.
Arrange the lights at the event and ensure a good focus on the event proceedings and the chief guests
Maintain equipments regularly. Replace the worn out parts and repair the malfunctioned parts, if any.

Assistant Photographer
Style -on Magazine, Tucson
April 2009 - June 2013

Coordinate with the models, actors and other professionals, and click their pictures for the magazine news
Discuss with the models and choreographers to develop a theme for photography. Decide the locations, background, clothes and setup as per the theme
Visit the location before the shoot-time and ensure that the location settings are appropriate for the shoot
Shoot pictures for the magazine. Advise the models to pose for the photograph. Capture different emotions as suited to the theme.
Perform all post photography processing to ensure the clicked photographs are developed/printed accurately

Photography Intern
Revolution Newspapers, New York
September 2008 - March 2009

Identify news bits in society and capture photographs relevant to the news
Take pictures from everyday life in society to highlight the lifestyle, emotions or plight of people belonging to various backgrounds
Give interesting captions to photographs and design the layout for newspaper/magazines using these pictures, content and captions
Travel with seniors on assignments and carry out photography as per the directions given by the seniors
Design additional features for the photographs using computer aided photography software
I have for the past two years been focusing more on the glamour side of photography.

If I do employ a model, I will NORMALLY only employ models who are comfortable with nudity, even if the shoot does not require nudity.

As a freelance photographer I have contributed to a number of websites and I have been published internationally, and have held several exhibitions. I was recently selected as the front cover exhibitor for a very prestigious website / magazine.

I'm very laid back, and like to keep shoots lighthearted. This does not, however, mean that I conduct my shoots in any manner other than professionally. I respect the model, and request the same in return.

I typically reserve £5,000 per annum to hire models, and usually shoot UK models, both in the UK and over in
Brooklyn New York in my studio. I pay travel and accomodation expenses.
Chris Symanowski
Added: 26 February 2016
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Chris Symanowski
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Chris Symanowski
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Chris Symanowski
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Chris Symanowski
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Chris Symanowski
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