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Honey B

Honey B

ID Number:115316
Member type:Model
Country:United Kingdom
Will Accept:Paid work only
Work Preference:Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:12 November 2006
Last Updated:05 January 2015
Last Login:22 February 2015
Hair Length:Short
Weight:105lbs (47kg)
Height:63in (5' 3") (160cm)
Bust/Chest:35in (88cm)
Cup Size:FF
Waist:24in (60cm)
Hips:34in (86cm)
Skin Colour:Tanned
Shoe Size:3.5in
Dress Size:8
Welcome to my profile, I hope you find the following notes helpful.

****IMPORTANT RECENT NOTES REGARDING RECENT CHANGES TO MY APPEARANCE: My hair is cut short to a chin-length bob (cut shorter on the left side than the right) and is dyed light blonde. I have 3 tattoos, but have had none added since 2012. 

PLEASE READ MY PROFILE IN FULL BEFORE CONTACTING ME. This is due to a number of people contacting about either types of levels I dont do, tfp, or whether I can travel long distances or abroad to shoot! Curt replies will be given if I am asked these things!

I am an experienced model, I started in August 2004, and have done several shoots for a number of websites as well as numerous shoots for professional & amateur photographers. I have been published in:
Escort Magazine twice Christmas 2004 & Sept issue 2005,
Score in the April 2006 issue,
Readers Wives (Nude Edition) in issue 229,
PantyPlay in September 06 issue,
Razzle in Vol 25 Iss 1 (Jan 07)
Just18 in August 2007 issue
Love It magazine in March 2008 issues
Loaded in June 2008 issue
Bizarre Magazine in April 2011 issue
Fiesta in Sept 2012 issue
Razzle in Jun 2013 issue
Escort Magazine (DVD Edition) Sept 2013
I have also appeared in Long Legged Beauties 2006 Calendar (Greyhound Charity) and have had non-adult stock shots by Andy Wager published internationally.

I dont do tfp/tfcd (time for prints/time for cd) as even though i recognise it as a form of payment it does not pay a full time model's bills & modelling is my profession.


Although i can hold dance poses i am not interested in dancing/being a dancer in clubs or strippergramming. Nor do I do promo modelling/events/car shows.
I have 4 USPs (unique selling points), my natural 28FF/30G boobs & my large labia, both tend to be popular, especially in adult solo (to open leg) shoots. My 3rd is of interest to those who shoot fetish items-i can corset my waist down to 18" & have one such Vollers Corset. Lastly I have an hourglass figure which lends itself perfectly to art nude shoots.

I currently am shaven in the pubic hair department.

My boobs are completely natural & Professionally measured. My overbust measurement is 35.5" (underbust is 25"), I therefore fit into both 28FF and 30G bras. Please also note, I am UK shoe size 3 & 1/2 not 3.5 inches as stated under the shoe part.

I am happy to shoot from clothed, to topless, to art nude, all the way up to Open Leg (US/UK mag) level in both video and stills, I am also happy doing soft girl girl. I am happy to model/shoot a number of fetishes, including wet & messy so please contact for details.
I also do bondage such as ropes/restraint & suspension, gags & blindfolding, etc (either solo or as girl girl) but i do not do the kinds of bondage that cause pain (ie spanking) as a sub. If you want bondage you must specifically mention this as i have a bad back & cannot do all types of bondage. I am also happy & very experienced in FemDom as a dom if the sub is experienced/knows what to expect.

Sorry I have to write the following but these days a number of photographers don't seem to understand the terms of levels even though the terms have stayed the same for ten years, if not more. For those unsure what US mag is, its open leg, showing pink/holding open, not insertions-insertions of any kind are continental level & have been known as that for many years, it is a level I have not done since late 2009. I have adult ticked because holding yourself open is not non-adult nude is it? Also a lot of people consider the fetishes I list as adult.
I do not have any "hidden" levels (it seems some models seem to). I may have openly in the past shot higher levels, but I do not now, so please do not ask for levels higher than what I have put above as my answer to you will only result in disappointment. Thanks.

I am happy to work with amatuer, semi pro & pro photographers, but I dont work from home though so am happy to work at studios, photographers homes & hotels.
I can travel to shoots up to 2 hours away currently, but no more (so as far as Cardiff, Bristol/Bath & Weymouth), due to a back problem that affects me sitting for long periods of time (does not affect my modelling), but travel expenses (petrol) must be covered. I occasionally return to Kent (a couple of times a year) so if you are within the south east & wish to shoot me, I am sure we can arrange something for wben I am there. I cannot fly to shoots either under Doctors orders. Also please check my general availability below as certain days a 2 hour journey each way to a shoot is not possible due to the time constraints mentioned below.

My rates are very reasonable as:
Shoots for all levels to art nude & closed leg glamour nude: £25p/h or half day (4hrs) £90, plus travel expenses.
Shoots for all levels up to adult/open leg nude & bondage: £30p/h or half day (4hrs) £100, plus travel expenses.
Minimum booking length is 2 hours. For full day shoots please contact me.
Payment is to be in cash on the day (receipt provided as all my shoots "go through the books" as they say) unless otherwise discussed in advance as I am reluctant to take cheques after having some bounce recently, unless accompanied by a COMPANY cheque guarantee card. I am happy to take direct bank transfer if discussed in advance & it is done in front of me, I do not accept Paypal though.

My general availability is Sunday to Thursday available but needing to be home by 4pm, Fridays & Saturdays available between 10am-10pm.
I spend occassional weekends (Friday-Sunday) in Kent (next one will be some time in June of July). I will be booking a few shoots for each time I go up (either friday or saturday), so should you be closer to that area (ie Kent, Essex, Surrey, London) please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange a shoot for when I am up there.

Thanks for reading,
Honey x

Reviews from other members

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PaulManuell recommends HoneyB
Added by PaulManuell on 18 September 2014, shoot arranged for September 2014

I work with Honey every time she changes her hair colour, and today was no exception. This time it was purple and looked lovely against the backdrops we used. I always look forward to working with Honey; she's petite, friendly, a lovely poser and utterly gorgeous. Obviously recommended without hesitation to any photographer, and I can't wait for her to dye her hair another colour so I can work with her again.
mattharper recommends HoneyB
Added by mattharper on 11 December 2013, shoot arranged for December 2013

My second shoot with Honey was brilliant. Bang on time, straight to the kettle, rightly so, then entertained the dogs for a while and then to the shoot. As expected, the time whizzed by, but I have lots of lovely shots to choose from.
Great model, lovely personality and a damn good laugh too, as I believe one of the shots has demonstrated :)
RDP recommends HoneyB
Added by RDP on 22 November 2013, shoot arranged for November 2013

My first shoot with HoneyB today.
Fantastic model, really enjoyed working with Honey.
Looking forward to booking again in the near future. Thank you, Ian
maffphoto recommends HoneyB
Added by maffphoto on 01 October 2013, shoot arranged for October 2013

Honey is a great model to work with. She is really positive and nothing is too much trouble for her. She poses really well without direction and has such a lovely smile. She has a great range of outfits and looks amazing and sexy in whatever she wears. Highly recommended.
keithmaherpics recommends HoneyB
Added by keithmaherpics on 31 May 2013, shoot arranged for May 2013

Did a fantastic shoot today. Honey was a joy to work with and got some awsome pics 4 hours just flew by cant wait to work with her again
Honey B
Added: 03 September 2014
Title: shot May 2014
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Honey B
Added: 18 December 2013
Copyright: Matt Harper
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Honey B
Added: 03 January 2014
Title: Shot 17th December 2013
Copyright: Vernon Hales
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Honey B
Added: 18 December 2013
Copyright: Matt Harper
Photographer: mattharper
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Honey B
Added: 18 December 2013
Copyright: Matt Harper
Photographer: mattharper
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Honey B
Added: 18 December 2013
Copyright: Matt Harper
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Honey B
Added: 18 December 2013
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Photographer: mattharper
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Honey B
Added: 18 December 2013
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Honey B
Added: 12 December 2013
Title: Foxy minx
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Photographer: mattharper
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