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Member type:Model
Country:United Kingdom
Will Accept:Paid work only
Work Preference:Fitness Model
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Date Joined:22 February 2009
Last Updated:10 October 2014
Last Login:26 January 2018
Hair Length:Very Long
Weight:117lbs (53kg) (8.5st)
Height:66in (5' 6") (167cm)
Bust/Chest:32in (81cm)
Cup Size:B
Waist:25in (63cm)
Hips:35in (88cm)
Skin Colour:Olive
Shoe Size:5.5in
Dress Size:8
Hey Peeps!! :)

Well, I'm Natalia Forrest, I'm half Filipina and half English and I'm from England U.K- West Mids!!

I did my first shoot when I was just 18 as its always been something I wanted to do.. I dived straight in there!! Now I've been doing it full time for nearly 6 years in most months I work 7 days a week!! But, I love it and its fab...:)
I'm addicted to it almost.. I'm one of these people that can't keep still, well unless its for photos ha ;) I really enjoy what I do and as they say 'find a job that you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life again'.

I have gained a lot of experiences throughout my years,
I've met some people and been some places trust me- being very naïve when I first started to now becoming a head strong business woman ;)
I have learned a lot during my years, seen a lot of things, met a lot of photographers and models hundreds maybe thousands in fact!!
And the nicest thing is I'd say at least 90 per cent of them rebook on a regular basis and have become even good friends!!
You know who you are..

My story as a kid was being an ugly one ha yep its true,
bullied a little, racism and so on.. But all of that has made me the strong minded person I am today!! I've really learnt to come out of myself, I don't have time for time wasters, bitching it gets you know where, I'm a down to earth country girl lol,
I like peace and quiet and maybe just maybe every now and then go wild but trust me its not often, I'm too much of a work aholic!!

I am professional, reliable and I have passion for my work and levels, I give endless poses and perfection. I am outgoing, really confident and easy to work/get along with.

I would like to thank my friends, family and boyfriend that have given me all the support I have needed and are with me every step of the way, aslong as I'm happy they say, which I AM!!!

I still like to try new things and to be creative in everything I do!! When, to be honest its quite rare now to shoot something I haven't really done before ha, but what I have found is that each photographer has a different eye and there own creation and look in what they like to achieve, I pick up on this quickly and can adapt quickly- all part of being a good actress also I say!

I am focused, have self-esteem and always willing to give 110% every time!!!
This is my full time as previously mentioned and has been for many years, so I can't afford to work for free I'm afraid so no tfp tfcd's etc.. Hope you understand.

I am also sure to travel, in the recent years I've worked at Berlin-Venus Show, Portugal-Erotica Show, Denia, Alicante x2, Almeria, France, Marbella, Malaga, Glasgow, Ibiza, Tenerife, Budapest, Portugal x4, Rome, Verona, Sicily, Majorca x2, Algarve, Faro, Seychelles, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Geneva, Lanzarote, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, Poland, Paris and furthest as Australia!!
There's probably even more countries I've left out that I can't think of right now...

I have been to so many beautiful locations whilst I have become a full time model and understand to be very lucky..

New as well for 2013 and onwards I have a new home studio and when I say home studio I don't mean 1 bed apartment that I can shoot from I mean a 5 bed farmhouse very old built in the 16/1700's, contains cellar, changing room, old style kitchen with aga, beams, nice fire places large lounge, stairway, landing areas that can be shot from, numerous sets I have built up and constantly changing and vinyl backgrounds and elinchrome lights, gels, soft boxes etc.. (Also on a good day a lot of natural light shines in a treat)
This available to hire for other models and myself..


Thats all for now- I'd like to go on but I don't want to babble hehe, I guess you now have more of an overview on me..
'Thank you!' for visiting
Natalia Forrest's portfolio/profile/details.

And hope to hear from you very soon...!!

Take Care!

Best Wishes!

Kind regards

Natalia Forrest

'It's only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth - and that we have no way of knowing when our own time is up - that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had'

Reviews from other members

There are 216 positive recommendations for NataliaForrest Click here to read them all
Domnumberone recommends NataliaForrest
Added by Domnumberone on 09 March 2018, shoot arranged for February 2018

This was my 3rd shoot with Natalia, and I can say with conviction that she is a superb model to work with. Obviously stunning, but more importantly for my shoots she was intelligent and understanding of the niche themes. There are very few models who can read a script, memorise "ALL" the details and improvise in a natural way without getting lost for words, but she nailed every scene. She was totally professional in pre coms and throughout the shoot and she worked hard with no time wasting between scenes. On top of all of this she's a lovely girl with a great attitude towards life. In a nut shell she is a photographers dream model and I look forward to working with her again.
dazglam recommends NataliaForrest
Added by dazglam on 13 August 2017, shoot arranged for August 2017

Once again had a wonderful shoot with the lovely Natalia on my UK trip in 2017...Great team work ensured Natalia & i shot at a cracking pace & got the job done in quick time..Natalia brought some super Lingerie sets & did her makeup very nicely indeed..Natalia is the ultimate professional in pose & expression.pPerfect for the Professional Photog & hard working Amateurs alike..I would highly recommend Natalia to any photographer wanting a top notch result...Hope to shoot with Natalia again in the future :D xo
Paul_Jones recommends NataliaForrest
Added by Paul_Jones on 24 January 2016, shoot arranged for January 2016

Feedback from third shoot, January 2016

The best shoot yet! Another full day with Natalia at her superb farmhouse studio and another selection of fantastic photographs. Each shoot gets better than the last.

Very Highly Recommended again!

Feedback from second shoot, March 2015

Well, it took me a little longer that anticipated to book a follow-up shoot with Natalia, but I'm so glad I did. The second shoot was even better than the first. A full day at her home / studio location.

Natalia is a true professional and it's hard to take a bad photo of her.

Her location is amazing. A photographer's dream. Three floors of photo opportunities, with all the lighting equipment you could need.

Book a shoot with Natalia at her place and you won't be disappointed. Very highly recommended!

Feedback from first shoot, November 2012

As someone with a keen interest in all aspects of glamour photography, I have photographed many great models, but Natalia is just SUPERB! What can I say that hasn't already been said before? She is a total professional in every way and the camera just loves her. As well as this, she is very friendly and down to earth. I could have photographed her all day long. I definitely want to work with her again soon! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
CCP recommends NataliaForrest
Added by CCP on 14 December 2015, shoot arranged for December 2015

I did another shoot with Natalia today, and just as before Natalia walked in looking amazing. Natalia is so photogenic and easy, and fun to shoot. Natalia is well worth every penny, extremely professional and top class. I will hopefully get to shoot her again, and recommend her for sure. Thanks Natalia. :)
rembrandt recommends NataliaForrest
Added by rembrandt on 30 November 2015, shoot arranged for November 2015

Shot with Natalia earlier today at her beautiful farmhouse.

It was our 4th time working together, and as ever, Nat is a model at the very top of her game, her makeup and outfit selection were flawless, and her elegant effortless posing is a joy to photograph.

Her farmhouse reflects her professionalism as a model perfectly. Every studio room (of which there are several) is spacious and tastefully decorated. The whole place exudes class and offers a great location to shoot from if you don't have your own.

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