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Pentti Pohjonen

Pentti Pohjonen

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ID Number:183546
Member type:Photographer
Level:Some Experience
Work Preference:Swimwear
Date Joined:05 April 2010
Last Updated:02 May 2017
Last Login:27 May 2017

Thank you for viewing my portfolio.

Please note that I'm from Finland and English is not my native language. Feel free to PM me if/when you find typos/grammatical errors.

* About me *

I'm a amateur photographer who loves to combine travelling with photo shoots.

So far I have had shoots in London, Prague, Riga, Tallinn, Budapest, Burgas, Berlin, Barcelona, Cyprus, Gdansk and Warsaw.

Every shoot is a learning experience for me in directing/communicating with the model, shooting technique and post-processing.

Most of the models I have had shoots with are not Purestorm members, thus no feedback from them but I do my best to be completely professional in my conduct before, during & after a shoot.

* My gear *

- Sony A850 FF
- Sony A77II ASP-C
- 50mm /1.4
- 85mm / 2.8
- 24-70mm / 2.8

* Work styles *

My main interests are Lingerie, Glamour and Nude but I'm open to suggestions and ideas from models.

* Models wanted *

I prefer models with natural boobs and no tattoos. Smallish tattoos are ok but I reserve the right to remove any tattoos during post-processing.

Unless I have a special project in mind I won't book a model with levels less than nude ( a nude model can do a lingerie shoot but a lingerie model can't do a nude shoot ).

* No shows *

I won't book a model with no-shows.

In case you need/want to cancel the shoot I wish you cancel at least 72 hours before so I have time to book another model.

God has mercy I don't so I won't reschedule.

If you cancel in less than 72 hours but can't provide me a "note" from a doctor, a police or a coroner I will post a 'No-show without a valid reason'.

* Pre-shoot communication *

As noted English is not my native language so to help to avoid any misunderstandings I prefer all pre-shoot communications to be in written form ( PM, email, SMS ).

Before the shoot I will give you my mobile phone number ( and hope to get yours ) in case there is a problem/delay.

* Chaperones *

You can take a female friend with you to the shoot. If she disturbs the shoot I will end it and pay only for the time used so please keep your phones closed during the shoot
( or at least in silent mode ).

* Payment *

I will pay reasonable rates, I'm not looking for TF.

Payment is in cash ( £ UK / EUR rest of the world ) at the end of the shoot.

* Images *

I won't give any unprocessed images after the shoot.
I won't allow any image modifications by you or 3rd party.

* Image usage *

Images from the shoot can be used in my profiles ( here, MM etc ).

If you are a model and still reading this then maybe we can arrange a shoot :)

Thanks for reading and have a nice one.

Reviews from other members

There are 11 positive recommendations for PHP_Photography Click here to read them all
Mariana recommends PHP_Photography
Added by Mariana on 20 March 2015, shoot arranged for March 2015

Pentti was just really nice to me, it was fun shoot with him too and I am pretty sure he made great pictures. Thank you dear
AgataGrodek recommends PHP_Photography
Added by AgataGrodek on 18 September 2014, shoot arranged for September 2014

Shooting with Pentti was fantastic! Before we shoot covnersation via messages was very concrete and friendly. During the shoot everything was like we agreed.Pentti was prepared, knew exactly what he wanted to do. He takes care about model and about the mood during the shoot. He is nice, communicative person and he is very helpful. Thank you so much :) Hope to shoot with you again :)
SylviaM recommends PHP_Photography
Added by SylviaM on 01 August 2014, shoot arranged for July 2014

I spent a fun day shooting with Pentti last week. He is respectful, made me feel comfortable and had many great ideas. I got to see the first pictures from the shoot the same night! Looking forward to working with Pentti again sometime and I recommend working with him. :)
Vendula recommends PHP_Photography
Added by Vendula on 04 October 2013, shoot arranged for September 2013

Shooting with Pentti was real pleasure..Communication with him before shooting was very fast and easy.He has prepared lights and setting before I came to studio and some ideas what we realized. During shooting we had fun and good atmosphere so I can only recommend Pentti to all models as very good and serious guy.
Thank you and whenever again! Vendula
Merilinka recommends PHP_Photography
Added by Merilinka on 25 July 2012, shoot arranged for June 2012

Such a lovely person! Very kind, funny and easy to work with. I wish there were more photographers like him.

You are awesome! :)

Pentti Pohjonen
Added: 02 May 2017
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Pentti Pohjonen
Added: 02 May 2017
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Pentti Pohjonen
Added: 02 May 2017
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Pentti Pohjonen
Added: 02 May 2017
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Pentti Pohjonen
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Pentti Pohjonen
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Pentti Pohjonen
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Pentti Pohjonen
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Pentti Pohjonen
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Pentti Pohjonen
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