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Chiara Elisabetta

Chiara Elisabetta

ID Number:134643
Member type:Model
Region:West Sussex
Country:United Kingdom
Will Accept:Paid work only
Work Preference:Fitness Model
Stock Photo
Print Magazine
Parts Modeling
Date Joined:24 April 2008
Last Updated:01 April 2017
Last Login:14 March 2018
Hair Length:Medium
Weight:115lbs (52kg)
Height:68in (5' 8") (172cm)
Bust/Chest:32in (81cm)
Cup Size:C
Waist:25in (63cm)
Hips:33in (83cm)
Skin Colour:Olive
Shoe Size:5in
Dress Size:6

I value working with photographers of all ages, genders and more importantly, abilities.. with varying styles.. even if you haven't got a style or figured it out. Any inexperience, whether it is with your camera settings, interacting with models, giving direction or anything else will not put me off booking a shoot. The only thing I ask from everybody is respect :)
My job is to help you produce images with which you are happy and of which you are proud. I am here to help you progress, offer advice, (only if required) and get you great pictures. You do not need to worry about 'doing me justice' - rather, you learn through the practical, making mistakes, trial and error, so when you come to shoot with me as a beginner, please bear in mind I am not here to judge your work, ie. please don't let my experience put you off.
When working with beginner photographers, I am happy to guide, give feedback and offer helpful tips when it comes to camera settings, lighting setup, angles, perspective, general model posing, reviewing photos on the back of the camera, etc. but please note this is just a suggestion as I do not force my opinion on anybody. It is your shoot not mine, but often better results are produced when both model and photographer work as a team, so I am always happy to offer constructive input and my opinion when asked, but please know this is never default!


- I'm just as willing to work with amateurs and complete beginners, (including those who have never worked with models / in a studio / picked up a camera before) as I am more advanced photographers and professionals.
- I'm also happy to work with artists and photo manipulators and other creative individuals.
- I'm comfortable and happy to work with other models just as much as I am to shoot by myself, as long as you recognise that this is your preference and not my job to go searching for other models for your shoot. I often have models staying with me, so can sometimes recommend last-minute duo suggestions.
- You can book me for independent 1-2-1 shoots, group shoots, studio days, weekend events, workshops, general photography / lighting tuition and events abroad.
- I pride myself on being extremely versatile. I am a creative chameleon, I like to become the person I'm trying to portray in any given set, let alone shoot. Unless you have specific ideas in mind, I like to give you as much variety as possible so you can use the maximum number of images for your portfolio, not just in genre, but changes in hair, make-up, accessories, etc. if you choose not to use a MUA. Most of the shoots I do, are where I have done my own hair and make-up but I am open to working with MUAs / hair stylists too :)
- I also pride myself on being completely dependable. If a date is in my diary two years in advance, it is confirmed as far as I'm concerned and I will turn up to shoot.
- I am easy to communicate with. I am happy to arrange shoots by phone after initial written contact if you prefer.. when working, I'm often chatty and interactive. I will work with you on your ideas to develop them. I am willing to listen and take direction the same as I am willing to direct myself if you struggle with that.
Hi, my name is Chiara and I sometimes live in South London and sometimes in West Sussex, just a minute's walk from the pretty coast. I am an optimist; I make the best out of any given situation and generally feel lucky and grateful. I'm sure some think I'm bonkers, but I'm just a regular, creative, happy person who loves her life and the variety each day brings.

I'm a painter, a chameleon, unconventional, passionate, eccentric, accommodating, musical, bohemian, creative, messy, inquisitive, approachable and warm.

I generally think outside the cylinder without having to think at all. I don't do or feel anything in slight doses - it's all or nothing.

Things that turn me off: Lack of personal growth, laziness, routine
Things that turn me ON: Bokeh, sunflare, paint splats, hidden concepts, CHANGE
I change lots, but my current hair is highlighted.. so is quite blonde!

If you like my faces, *sweeps hand down to rest of portfolio* feel free to book me...... and if not, that's cool too : )

Modelling rates* are: £40ph | £150 half day | £250 whole day plus travel expenses from any stated base on tour
(*rates are to levels of figure nude & non-explicit erotica, minimum of 2 hours booking unless for advertised studio day)

*I am very much a full-time model, but I also play classical piano at dinners, concerts, weddings, other events, and I take commissions for art - usually acrylic on canvas, but will happily discuss use of other mediums. I also do photography and retouching, which I enjoy a lot, but I keep the former separate from my modelling assignments absolutely, and only offer retouching services where required / when enquired.
I am available at all times of the week and weekend, day and night for inquiries and bookings in any of the above fields.

One of my favoured mottos in life is directly related to the fact you spend most of your life either working or sleeping, so your work must be something in which you take great pleasure, else you simply won't feel like it's worth the journey.

Thanks for reading...C x


- I have chameleon qualities
- I am great at make-up, hair styling and general styling on myself
- I am a photo retoucher and accept retouch assignments, (£10 per image for general PS / LR work.. please contact for more details)
- I can recommend studios
- I can recommend London locations
- I can shoot weekdays, evenings and weekends
- I can do fairly advanced yoga & headstands
- I do not use fake tan
- I am English, but kind of Mediterranean appearance with natural dark olive skin & super dark brown eyes
- I have a sense of humour
- I can help you with lighting if / when asked
- I own & have access to ball gowns and bridal wear
- I have ball gowns for sale
- I shoot both figure nude and glamour nude & can easily switch genres
- I don't drive
- I travel anywhere by public transport.. familiar with trains, buses, tubes, planes, (although I'd rather not fly on my own because I'm a bit of a wuss in the air)
- I am a non-smoker
- I don't shoot location nudes during cold season due to ridiculously poor circulation
- I can work from either home (London / West Sussex)
- I am completely tattoo free, hoorah!
- I have an up-to-date passport and absolutely love working abroad.. (super references needed!)
- I'm looking for paid shoots only

Reviews from other members

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screenhours recommends wildchief
Added by screenhours on 19 February 2013, shoot arranged for February 2013

I had a fantastic shoot with Cheryl at 'Eye for an Image' studio in Banbury. Cheryl poses well, has great ideas and takes directions easily. Cheryl is professional and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended. Thank you Cheryl.
Basil Nedean recommends wildchief
Added by Basil Nedean on 13 December 2012, shoot arranged for December 2012

Very grateful to Cheryl who came at short notice as my booked model was ill. She is a wonderful performer modeling with good effect. Produced some interesting ideas as she knew the studio we were shooting in better than I did and we used equipment that I had not played with before. She is totally professional and would highly recommend her to Professionals and Amateur photographers

Basil Nedean
Rfimages recommends wildchief
Added by Rfimages on 15 November 2012, shoot arranged for November 2012

Had a wonderful shoot with Cheryl today, not only a great looking wonderful model, with a good sense of humour, but she had great input into the shoot which i like and asked for, we got on like a house on fire, and hopefully will have a much longer full days shoot before too long!
Thanks Cheryl.
Tregonning_Photos recommends wildchief
Added by Tregonning_Photos on 27 September 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

Had a fantastic shoot with Cheryl and the hours just flew by. She arrived for the shoot looking immaculate and with a suitcase full of outfits. We covered a range of looks from clothed to nude and Cheryl managed everything I threw at her with ease.
She's a superb (and very beautiful) model who knows exactly what she's doing and is very easy to work with. She knows all her best angles, which poses work best for both her and the photographer and is very good at injecting her own ideas into a shoot when asked. I thoroughly enjoyed her visit and very much hope to repeat the experience asap.

I have no hesitation in recommending Cheryl to all photographers....and hope to arrange another shoot with her soon.
Thanks a lot Cheryl
dbphotography recommends wildchief
Added by dbphotography on 11 September 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

At last i have photography Cheryl it been long time coming but finally got there and the wait was worth it want a fab model to work with friendly with full of ideas and poser and a stunning figure worked with hour in the studio and got some fab image very moody then i decide to advantage of the weather and took cheryl to beach and swimwear and artistic nude style shots and what a professional model even on location she came up with lovely ideas for shots . i would highly recommend cheryl she lovely to work with aqnd i cant wait to work with her again

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Chiara Elisabetta
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Chiara Elisabetta
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Chiara Elisabetta
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Chiara Elisabetta
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Chiara Elisabetta
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Chiara Elisabetta
Added: 01 April 2017
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Chiara Elisabetta
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Chiara Elisabetta
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Chiara Elisabetta
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