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YouPan Models

YouPan Models

ID Number:112631
Member type:Photographer
City:Crouch End
Country:United Kingdom
Work Preference:Glamour
Date Joined:27 May 2006
Last Updated:07 May 2017
Last Login:07 May 2017
Before you ask, we're NOT an agency; we simply source models (novices preferred) for our photographer to work with - so if you'd like to give glamour a go, read on...

We're based in North London & we're currently looking for novice glamour models to feature on our forthcoming members-only website. All paid shoots are subject to a test shoot with us (for which we will cover only travelling expenses based on public transport rates), our rates are based on the current going fees for novices & established models, starting at glamour nude levels.

We do NOT work with professional models - unless you're Britney Lee! - or those with excessive body art (piercings & tattoos), implants or fake tans.

In addition to the models featured here, some other Purestormers we've worked with are:

Kayla Louise (Model ID: 123846)
Alicia Reid (Model ID: 124413)
Hannah C (Model ID: 124580)
Skye Fox (Model ID: 117260)
Chantel R (Model ID: 123703)
Hazel Starr (Model ID: 120193)
Iveta Niklova (Model ID: 120941)
Chloe James (Model ID: 118430)
Kerrie Ford: (Model ID: 119712)
Harmony Sassoon: (Model ID: 119682)
Lorna Brumage (Model ID: 118529)
Amber West (Model ID: 116598)
Annie Bullah (Model ID: 117961)
Emily Baker (Model ID: 110634)
Tracie Berry (Model ID: 113025)
Clare S (Model ID: 115318)
Danielle Johnson (Model ID: 113597)
Mechelle Griffiths (Model ID: 114589)
Sharon Forster (Model ID: 112767)
Charlotte Vaughan (Model ID: 115115)
Sandy Durling (Model ID: 111686)
Lisa Day (Model ID: 111550)
Sammie B (Model ID: 115632)
Becky Speed (Model ID: 111587)
Jaymie Kennedy (Model ID: 115025)
Sam Brennan (Model ID: 115767)
Gemma Clark (Model ID: 111743)
Tori B (Model ID: 118377)
Priyanka Sen (Model ID: 118749)
Britney Lee (Model ID: 111416)
Jade (Model ID: 117861)

However, just as important as natural good looks, are an easy going personality & enthusiastic work ethic, as we intend to work with those models on an on-going basis - these are not one-off assignments by any means. If you like, we can send you details of our test shoot in our next reply.

We also the require the following:

your current age & date of birth
your vital statistics
your height
your dress size
your shoe size
the level of modelling you're most comfortable with
a current head & shoulders photo of yourself
where you are based & the likely travel costs

Please take the time to visit our website (& join our forum) for further information about us & our requirements.

YouPan Models
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Added by lovebird on 08 October 2007
Had a great shoot with Allan, made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, LOVE the photos, desire to work with again!
Added by emmie_model on 27 July 2007
Great work, desire to work with x x x
Added by ingi on 27 July 2007
Had a shoot with Allan last sunday. Very friendly and chatty and made me feel really comfortable.
Added by kerrieford on 25 June 2007
Had a fantastic shoot with Allan on Sunday, made me feel totally comfortable. Got some great images, looking forward to working with you again!
Added by lolobarbie on 08 June 2007
had a great shoot with you pan...relaxed.and emjoyable canno't wait for further projects
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