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Username: SuzyMonty ID: 172372 Name: Suzy Monty Age: 66
Suzy Monty Bust: 36in (91cm)
Waist: 25in (63cm)
Height67in (5' 7") (170cm)
Hips: 37in (93cm)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Weight: 126lbs (57kg) (9st)

Country: United Kingdom
Region: Cornwall
City: Truro Cornwall -enjoy travelling! -Published Internationally
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Parts Modeling
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MikeCornwall recommends SuzyMonty
Added by MikeCornwall on 21 November 2017, shoot arranged for June 2011

It's a while since I worked with Suzy, but I remember to occasion well. Suzy is great fun and easy to work with. She is proof that age is just arithmetic.
Rogerio recommends SuzyMonty
Added by Rogerio on 14 November 2016, shoot arranged for November 2016

I was privileged to have been contacted by Suzy especially as she is a high calibre model who is very much in demand. Suzy is a true professional and well known in the modelling world and is so widely published. We had an amazing shoot over a two day period the main theme being fashion which included bridal plus evening dresses and ball gowns in a hotel setting. Suzy is so charming and easy to get along with and she put me at ease immediately. It was obvious from the start that she knows the modelling world inside out and certainly taught me a few things along the way. Suzy gave 110% throughout the shoot and nothing was too much trouble for her. She came with a large collection of dresses and was able to do quick changes and look immaculate every time. Suzy's pre-shoot comms were faultless and she arrived early on the first day enabling us to take advantage of the good weather.

I would highly recommend Suzy to any photographer who is serious about getting stunning images and hope to work with again in 2017.

Thanks so much Suzy you were fantastic
InKernow recommends SuzyMonty
Added by InKernow on 24 May 2015, shoot arranged for May 2015

Have had the pleasure of photographing Suzy on a couple of occasions last year.
The ultimate professional who can turn her hand to anything to help create the desired images.
Have asked her to help out again with images for my companies website because I know she will deliver amazing results.
AngelLouise recommends SuzyMonty
Added by AngelLouise on 17 December 2014, shoot arranged for November 2014

I worked with Suzy and she was so friendly. She was confident and has had a lot of experience and taught me a few things. I was very amazed by her actually age (no, im not revealing).
Looks amazing in anything. She is very committed to any project/job given to her. If you work with Suzy ull go far as she will bring character to ur images and has a lot of publicity because she is extremely good at what she does.
A very kind and fun lady to meet who I see becoming a good friend. Can't wait to work with u again.
Andy_Davies recommends SuzyMonty
Added by Andy_Davies on 26 October 2014, shoot arranged for October 2014

Well, what can I say that hasn't been said already! Suzy is a dream to work with, down to earth and professional with it. The first one to arrive at the shoot venue ready to go!

This lady knows how to pose and using her vast knowledge and experience will help photographers and models to achieve great results. The new and up-and-coming models on the shoot commented how much they learnt from Suzy just by watching and talking to her.

Would I recommend Suzy.......... now that is a daft question!!!
Splinter recommends SuzyMonty
Added by Splinter on 22 October 2014, shoot arranged for September 2014

I've had the pleasure of shooting three times with Suzy now. She is always ready on time and is easy to work with, takes direction well and offers her own advice from her huge knowledge of modelling.

All three shoots have been something slightly different: Fantasy Warrior Woman, Fashion in the Woods and lastly bikinis at a spa. At each she had brought a good selection of clothing and had good ideas to share.

Definitely recommend her working with her, especially if you are just starting out using models, as her knowledge will really help you. Also get her husband John to come along, he makes a great lighting assistant holding the reflector.
PaulManuell recommends SuzyMonty
Added by PaulManuell on 03 September 2014, shoot arranged for September 2014

I've just finished a very impromptu shoot with Suzy, ably assisted by her husband on reflector duty. It was an evening shoot in a lovely hay field that Suzy had found. The weather was idyllic - very balmy with a light breeze - but the light was fading quickly. Despite this, Suzy looked lovely, especially in her flowing red dress, and effortlessly pulled off some great poses. I hope my photography does her justice and that the resulting photos look as lovely as she did through the viewfinder. Thanks Suzy, always a pleasure working with you.
CPPhotos recommends SuzyMonty
Added by CPPhotos on 16 August 2014, shoot arranged for August 2014

I had the pleasure working with Suzy in Bodmin moors, a fantastic location and a great shoot with a person who has a vast knowledge of modelling and very easy to work with. Highly recommend her.
PurpleGecko recommends SuzyMonty
Added by PurpleGecko on 15 July 2014, shoot arranged for July 2014

What an absolute delight to work with. Having discussed the location and ideas for the shoot her pre shoot communication was the best of any model I have worked with. She arrived early due to amazing traffic and we travelled to the location straight away. Suzy came fully prepared with outfits and was full of ideas. Due to her experience I was keen to hear any advice and tips she could provide. She was generous in her information which was given in a sensitive non pushy way. We tried a variety of poses in various locations and created some fantastic images I am very pleased with. A complete professional I cannot over emphasise what a pleasure it was working with her. If you should be lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with Suzy I suggest you grab it with both hands.
CliveFigesARPS recommends SuzyMonty
Added by CliveFigesARPS on 04 April 2014, shoot arranged for April 2014

Suzy is the complete model, she is great to work with, over the years having become a friend. Pots of experience and working with her makes the day fly by. With her experience she is discerning. She works as it should be that is Not model and photographer but as a team to get the best images possible. If you have not worked with Suzy you have missed out, as she is a definite to work with.
fotodelic recommends SuzyMonty
Added by fotodelic on 13 March 2014, shoot arranged for March 2014

A absolute professional. Good communications, arrived as promised and ready to work. A huge wardrobe of clothes and a great work ethic. Suzy knows her business and is real pleasure to work with. We achieved a large number of great images. Has great ideas to make shoot more productive.Will work together again. I thoroughly recommend using Suzy in your shoots. Thank you again for a great morning shoot.
craigtaylorbroad recommends SuzyMonty
Added by craigtaylorbroad on 17 January 2014, shoot arranged for January 2014

Suzy was extremely flexible in terms of the shoot date, and very easy to arrange a date with. She turned up early, and was very well organised bringing several of her own outfits and props.

During the shoot she was lovely and approachable, and more than happy to work to achieve the shots I wanted/needed.

If you are looking for a reliable model who is also brilliant to work with, then I would recommend Suzy.
Adrian_I_Barnett recommends SuzyMonty
Added by Adrian_I_Barnett on 14 November 2013, shoot arranged for October 2013

This is the second shoot we'd had with Suzy, as it was great the first time around. Now arranging another one - and very probably more in the future. I think that says it all as to why we come back time and time again!
tlocornwall recommends SuzyMonty
Added by tlocornwall on 17 October 2013, shoot arranged for September 2012

Have shot with Suzy on several occasions. The ultimate professional with a lovely personality to match. Suzy is one of the most talented and versatile models I have worked with. An absolute pleasure to work with you Suzy
Glossypinklipstick recommends SuzyMonty
Added by Glossypinklipstick on 05 October 2013, shoot arranged for September 2013

Its very flattering whan a model contacts you saying they think your good enough to want a shoot with, especially when they are well, known, well respected and high calibre.
My forst reaction was love to but your 300 miles from me so probably not possible sorry! Suzy being Suzy did not let that stop her for one bit. We discussed the permutations of each of us travelling to the part of the country and then Suzy decided to do a tour. Started off i was travelling 2 hours and in the end she virtually ended up on my door step. This lady is intelligent, experienced, beautiful and has a figure to die for. In keeping with my "Model is Model regardles of age or size" being older than ME i absolutley would recommend Suzy to anyone. If your only shooting under 25's your missing out! She needed virtually no direction from me and she had her own ideas about the shoot as well.She was hospitable and great to work with and the location wa stunning. She gave me a rare oportunity to step out of my comfort zone and do some outside daylight stuff which i love to bits as the morning light was fab. Suzy i thank you for making it happen and maybe we can shoot again sometime, but this time i will travel to you. Most highly recommended and a dream model.
davidjgreen recommends SuzyMonty
Added by davidjgreen on 26 September 2013, shoot arranged for September 2013

I had the pleasure of working with Suzy twice this week, firstly at her holiday home and today at my studio. She is very professional, enthusiastic, motivated, versatile and great fun to work with. We got plenty of great images covering many styles and themes. I can highly recommend Suzy who will not dissapoint.
Platslee recommends SuzyMonty
Added by Platslee on 14 September 2013, shoot arranged for September 2013

First shoot with Suzy. Very professional, very efficient and a very charming lady. We swapped ideas, got the shots we both wanted, improvised some more and had fun to boot. I would highly recommend Suzy to any photographer and hope we shoot again soon.
ashton3253 recommends SuzyMonty
Added by ashton3253 on 01 September 2013, shoot arranged for September 2013

Suzy turned up 15 minutes early, and was straight into action as soon as we got to the tin mine. She was posing effortlessly time after time, with hardly any direction from me. Suzy had a varied change of outfits too, the ball gown was a yes yes. The time went by ever so quickly, no sooner had we started, it was time to pack up and off to the pub. It was my first shoot with Suzy, but I will certainly be back for another shoot sometime soon. I would recommend Suzy to any photographer who wants some top quality images. Thank you Suzy. xx
Mike_the_Tog recommends SuzyMonty
Added by Mike_the_Tog on 21 August 2013, shoot arranged for August 2013

Had a TF shoot with the lovely Suzy yesterday and she was fantastic. Such a lovely lady...Husband delivered her on time (early in fact) and had several outfits to change into. Shot in a cornfield (which she found) and captured her with a beautiful sunset to match. Now I just have to hope my images are as good as the shoot was. :-) Thanks coming very soon.
jaimerawson recommends SuzyMonty
Added by jaimerawson on 22 July 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

I worked with Suzy for the first time today on a charity calendar shoot.

Suzy was lovely and kept me informed of everything prior to the shoot, Suzy was very professional and friendly and has been the whole way through.

I really hope we get to work together again soon. Thank you for inviting me to the shoot Suzy :) xx
baileybenton recommends SuzyMonty
Added by baileybenton on 22 July 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

Suzy did an amazing job organising and then modelling for a calendar for a local animal shelter today. She was well organised, friendly, fun, and versatile in her outfits and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone considering a model for a shoot. Fantastic!
LindeRock recommends SuzyMonty
Added by LindeRock on 22 July 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

Today was a fantastic and fun charity shoot arranged by Suzy, at the wonderful animal shelter in Probus, Truro.
Suzy arrived early with the photographer, and was very organized both with her own outfits and in sorting out the shoot for myself and the other models. The owner of the shelter should be given a huge thankyou as well for accommodating us all and with allowing us to handle her many animals, it was a great experience!
Thankyou so much Suzy for thinking of including me and for all your tireless effort in the organizing and execution of these events, I hope to have the opportunity to work with you again soon, you are a diamond!
gigsnapper recommends SuzyMonty
Added by gigsnapper on 16 July 2013, shoot arranged for November 2012

Suzy replied to my casting call and we made plans for a shoot. She arrived early and with the outfits we had discussed along with several other outfits that worked really well with what we had planned. Her experience was evident in the way she worked and made my job rather easy. I would have no hesitation working with Suzy again or recommending her to other photographers.

Many thanks for a great shoot.
tomcamera recommends SuzyMonty
Added by tomcamera on 14 July 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

I had shoot with Suzy yesterday in the Gardens of Trewithen. I would recommend Suzy - She is very reliable model. Easy to communicate, Her experience make photo shoot easy. Excellent model. For sure in the future I would like to work with Suzy again.
kim_worden recommends SuzyMonty
Added by kim_worden on 11 July 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

Shot with Suzy today at a lovely lakeside location, she was an absolute pleasure to work with, a lovely person, versatile, natural & very professional indeed. If you have any qualms whatsoever about working with her due to her age, forget them, as Suzy looks so much younger than she is! I had a great time & I took many awesome images with her, she is sensational & a true one of a kind, I strongly recommend her to everyone :)
rod1967 recommends SuzyMonty
Added by rod1967 on 07 July 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

I had spoken with Suzy on a few occasions prior to meeting her for a photo-shoot . We made arrangements to meet up and I took Suzy to a location that I had previously done for a Landscape shoot , Suzy was a dream to work with and very easy to get on with and there was no need from Guidance from me at all , Suzy is a true pro and would highly recommend her to anyone . Was a real pleasure and would always look forward to working with her again , be quick to snap as Suzy changes in and out of outfits at Lightning speed . xxx :)
icapcha recommends SuzyMonty
Added by icapcha on 04 July 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

Suzy and I have been friends for about 4 years but never shot together due to distance, big mistake! I drove to Cornwall to finally shoot with her and we had planned beach shoots and tin mines. On arriving instead of the famous Cornish weather we were met with mist and driving rain all day. Luckily I had booked a studio and managed to get in a good shoot here and also at 2 other locations as the weather brightened. Suzy is the high priestess off models, funny, beautiful and talented continually making me laugh. We both had the same taste in music so put the ipod on during the shoot for a Beatles work out! Cant wait to get back to the South West again but PLEASE this time no walkers, grockles or 'spectators' oh and SUN!! Thank you so much Suzy
donaldmac recommends SuzyMonty
Added by donaldmac on 01 July 2013, shoot arranged for July 2013

Had a lovely shoot with Suzy today at Kennall Vale and I couldn't have asked for a better model, she arrived before the agreed time,in fact before me and I thought I was early.A true professional in every sense of the word. Thanks Suzy,I had a great time and I look forward to working with you again sometime - highly recommended.
Kinga_JB recommends SuzyMonty
Added by Kinga_JB on 28 June 2013, shoot arranged for June 2013

Suzy is an amazing woman ! We were working together for a first time and definitely not a last one !
It was pleasure for me to work with true professioanl model like her, with great personality and passion for working in front of camera.
It was not just a session -it was a great time creating ART together!
Above all she is incredibly patient, very easy to work with and have amazing body with beautiful and artistic soul.
Looking forward to another session together x
TonySmithPhoto recommends SuzyMonty
Added by TonySmithPhoto on 27 May 2013, shoot arranged for May 2013

Yet another successful busy shoot with the ageless, professional mature model Suzy Monty – she still looking great and working hard as ever. This time for our 4 hour shoot, Suzy did some American-styled glamour and very classy Art-Nude with a mannequin prop I set up in studio. Suzy really knows how to pose her hour-glass figure and time just flew by with us getting some great images along the way. Look forward to next time Suzy.
david1500 recommends SuzyMonty
Added by david1500 on 26 May 2013, shoot arranged for May 2013

While on hoiday I had the pleasure of a shoot with the deightfull Suzy , this lady is fantastic . The style and talent are briliant , a beautifull lady with a fabulous manner creating so many poses . I have to agree this lady is a legend on PS .
Thank you David
johnwood recommends SuzyMonty
Added by johnwood on 24 May 2013, shoot arranged for April 2011

Suzy is amazing to work with, she has plenty of confidence and great ideas. Just looking through her fantastic photos tells you all you need to know about how versatile she is as a model. So dont delay, get in touch with her. I hope to work with her again very soon.
nineteen68 recommends SuzyMonty
Added by nineteen68 on 20 May 2013, shoot arranged for May 2013

Was the first time I had worked with Suzy and she was brilliant. Arrived before me, brought lots of outfits and threw her self into the shoot. Very professional and extremely easy to work with. I did think the age was a misprint but apparently its correct. Thank you Suzy for being such a great model.
ChazPhotos recommends SuzyMonty
Added by ChazPhotos on 01 May 2013, shoot arranged for May 2013

Had really great shoot with the very elegant Suzy Monty. Very adaptable and easy to work with. I still don't believe her age She was very professional and easy to work with and has super figure.
I would work with her anyday, she came with many changes of clothing.
Suzy it was a pleasure to work with you today.
I can certainly recommend her to all Photographers.
PCMPhotography recommends SuzyMonty
Added by PCMPhotography on 15 April 2013, shoot arranged for April 2013

Finally got to shoot the amazing Suzy after months of waiting.Definately worth waiting for.Suzy is very professional but fun at the same time making the shoot very enjoyable.Suzy needed no direction and knows how to make the most of her superb figure.The 3 hours flew by yet still managed to shoot a good variety of outfits and styles creating lot of excellent images.Suzy is definately a highly recommended model and hope to work with her again.
stevehos1 recommends SuzyMonty
Added by stevehos1 on 06 February 2013, shoot arranged for February 2013

I had my second shoot with Suzy doing a portrait style for a magazine feature. I find Suzy a lot of fun to work with as well as being very professional ,Suzys a lady who knows what she wants from a shoot ,and this includes which background music is being played ;).I cant recommend Suzy enough and look forward to our next shoot.

Added by stevehos1 on Thursday, September 27, 2012, shoot arranged for September 2012

Had the pleasure of a location shoot with Suzy today at Helman Tor what a lovely lady and a true professional.Excellent pre shoot communication and arrived on time ,brought loads of different outfits and props and I lost count of the number of poses Suzy knows.We achieved some great images and even had time for a homemade picnic which Suzy thoughtfully bought along. Im looking forward to working with Suzy again in the near future.
David_Roffey recommends SuzyMonty
Added by David_Roffey on 20 January 2013, shoot arranged for January 2013

Another good shoot with Suzy today, On time and prepared as always We had a plan, we shot it and we had the shots we wanted, good to see you again Suzy.
vivt recommends SuzyMonty
Added by vivt on 11 January 2013, shoot arranged for January 2013

‘Shot today with Suzy for the umpteenth time– she stands out as a truly professional model who knows her stuff, always arrive early and ready for action – loads of outfits and even more poses imaginable..This time we shot for a magazine submission…she is already published Internationally, so hopefully, a few more tear sheets to add to the pile. The hours floated past and we got some great images…roll on the warmer weather when we can start on location shoots once more. Thanks Suzy…’
AdamHirons recommends SuzyMonty
Added by AdamHirons on 21 November 2012, shoot arranged for November 2012

I photographed Suzy earlier today and she was a real joy to work with. Communication was fantastic before the shoot both via email and by phone (which I find very useful) and this gave us both time to plan out the shoot and set expectations - to which Suzy completley exceeded! Suzy came to the studio in good time with a number of outfits and her experience in front of the camera resulted in a nice easy flowing shoot - I look forward to working with Suzy again the near future!
stolfrey recommends SuzyMonty
Added by stolfrey on 12 November 2012, shoot arranged for November 2012

Just returned from my first shoot with Suzy, and I had a really enjoyable afternoon. Suzy is a great model to work with and looks amazing! We shot a classic Caravaggio styled theme and her poses where just spot on. An absolute pro and I would totally recommend working with her if you get the chance! Thanks Suzy, and hope we can work together again!
tlophotography recommends SuzyMonty
Added by tlophotography on 24 October 2012, shoot arranged for October 2012

Third shoot today with the lovely Suzy who appears to get younger by the day (so not fair!!) Having previously shot at the beach, lakes & cornfields today we used some of the lovely countryside around my house. Suzy is a tireless professional with immense talent. A superb model & great company. A pleasure to work with. Highly recommended. Be sure to book her but be quick as Im going to again.....and again.
RealLifePhotogarphy recommends SuzyMonty
Added by RealLifePhotogarphy on 16 August 2012, shoot arranged for August 2012

As a freelance photo journalist I am always on the lookout for a good and unique photo opportunity, I found just that when I happened across Suzy Monty modelling on Porthcurnick Beach, Rosevine on The Roseland last month !I asked permission to take some photographs of her, modelling as she was, in a vintage bridal dress. Suzy so kindly consented and the professional photographer she was with so kindly stepped aside and I was able to photograph Suzy beautifully with our lovely village of Portscatho as a backdrop. She really knows every bit about modeling and compliments each setting she is placed in. Her personality and her passion for working in front of the camera makes the job of any photographer easy and relaxed. What a pleasant experience it is working with her.

A week later, Suzy and I had our very own location photo shoot, this time in the Poppy Fields at Rosteague Manor House just outside Gerrans, and then on Towan Beach to do a bridal shoot in the surf and on sandy beach and then a change for some bikini pictures.

Subsequently, a third photo shoot was booked, a couple weeks later and was in the bag, taken down by the gorgeous Helford River, this time pure fashion. Suzy has a great figure for any age and we work so brilliantly together that further shoots are planned. She always turns up early for shoots and communicates beforehand extremely well. Without a doubt Suzy is a class A professional model who knows and does her job extremely well.
granite_and_grace recommends SuzyMonty
Added by granite_and_grace on 08 August 2012, shoot arranged for July 2012

I had the pleasure of a second shoot with Suzy last week, this time on location.
Despite the early start she still turned up early and all ready to go. Suzy is a true professional and is happy to pose with or without direction and as an experienced walker, getting to the locations was no trouble at all for her.
I can highly recommend Suzy without hesitation and look forward to working with her again.

Added by granite_and_grace on Monday, July 11, 2011, shoot arranged for July 2011

I had a great and productive shoot with Suzy today. Excellent pre shoot comms and she turned up nice and early for the shoot. Suzy has a great figure and her posing ability is second to none, plus on the very rare occasions needed, takes direction very well. I can thoroughly recommend her and hope to work with her again soon.
inpictures recommends SuzyMonty
Added by inpictures on 25 June 2012, shoot arranged for June 2012

Suzy is a true professional and nothing short of a delight to work with.

Aside from being an experienced, dedicated and great looking model, she is also a lovely person to work with and she even served me tea and a slice of cake!

Suzy is a pleasure to shoot with, creating a relaxed and stress-free environment. She works efficiently and co-operatively and her experience shows. For example, you will not have to worry about how she holds & positions her hands or glorious hair - she can admirably take care of all these fine details; allowing you as photographer to focus on the big picture (no pun intended) and create the perfect image.

She is versatile in terms of outfits and can run through a multitude of poses with little or no direction. However, she also takes direction perfectly when asked. She is charming and cheerful and very easy to get along with.

What's more - Suzy really understands art. She understands the photographer's desire to create something special, to pay attention to detail and, if necessary, to take time to create the perfect shot - which requires patience and co-operation. This deeper understanding of the art form is a huge benefit to working with Suzy.

She is a real find and I thoroughly recommend her and hope to work with her again in future.
NeilHartley recommends SuzyMonty
Added by NeilHartley on 17 June 2012, shoot arranged for June 2012

Worked with Suzy yesterday at the new studio, had a great time and got some great images.
Thankyou again for being such a patient and professional model whilst she helped our trainee in-house photographer with her first shoot :)
Emma_Mckay recommends SuzyMonty
Added by Emma_Mckay on 17 June 2012, shoot arranged for June 2012

I had the pleasure of working with Suzy yesterday and for the first time i was behind the camera and couldn't of asked for a better model to work with for my first shoot.
She had great communication before the shoot and came well prepared and full of ideas. Suzy just falls into her poses and is very professional at what she does. Thankyou again Suzy, look forward to working with you again at the studio :) xx
rjwphoto17 recommends SuzyMonty
Added by rjwphoto17 on 05 June 2012, shoot arranged for June 2012

Having booked Suzy for a 4 day shoot in South West France,I found her modelling abilities very professional. She turned up with plenty of different outfits, well prepared, could do her own makeup and I would definitely have her return for another shoot in the future.

Suzy had many different poses and hardly needed direction, she also had plenty of enthusiasm and ability and would encourage any other photographer to book this lovely model, who has glossy long hair and good figure.

Merci Beaucoup Suzy
Tonypattinson recommends SuzyMonty
Added by Tonypattinson on 26 May 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

I had the pleasure of working with Suzy today and a 3 hour shoot flew past with lots of humour and creative passion. Suzy has a great sense of humour combined with a totally professional attitude which really suited my way of working.
Suzy grasps ideas with ease a brings a real sense of poise, confidence and a rediant beauty.
Highly recommended professional, thanks Suzy, very best wishes.
Tony x
hedomanuk recommends SuzyMonty
Added by hedomanuk on 26 May 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

This was my second shoot with Suzy and all I can say she teaches me what to do. Her years of experience as a model is second to none and she needs no direction, she has an eye for a location and poses come naturally. I arranged the shoot with two friends (both great photographers) and used a friends barn studio down on the lizard.We all got fantastic images and people who have seen them are very complimentary. Suzy's age is not a barrier, she is a great model and looks and acts years younger.

My friend Richards Two Penneth now.


Attending a three photographer shoot recently with Suzy Monty was a truly pleasurably experience.
This 61 year old model, with the figure of a 41 year old and the energy and vroom of a 21 year old was pure pleasure. Her ability to changes poses in an instance was the sign of the true professional. Her wonderful capacity to listen to shutters firing and instantly change her pose and to put a her full attention to a different photographer was a true gift and bares out her tremendous experience.
Suzy, you really are a star performer and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone. You turn up on time (well early in fact and you arrived before me)! Not only do you have a totally varied wardrobe, but you are just such a nice person, that we all felt so comfortable and easy working with you. In the space of less than two hours I think the total number of shots was well in excess of 700 !! We were worn out but not you !!!

Suzy Monty - you're a STAR.
Raine recommends SuzyMonty
Added by Raine on 20 May 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

I worked with Suzy on a shoot with John Coles on Friday. We did not shoot any images together as John wanted to have different feels to images in order to make the most of our fantastic location.

I found it was fantastic to be able to chat with Suzy and watch her modelling, I feel like I learnt a lot as a model by spending time with her.

Suzy is professional, friendly and easy to get along with. She is an experienced and very capable model. Bright and quick to grasp concepts and a real pleasure to work with.

Dazzle_Studios recommends SuzyMonty
Added by Dazzle_Studios on 18 May 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

My photographs are - very much - about 'real women', although often in 'unreal' locations. Today, I've had the immense pleasure of working with Suzy in a setting as 'unreal' as they come. Suzy is somewhat of a legend in the modelling world, but the challenges of our shoot (an incomplete Gothic building with unglazed windows, swallows zooming above our heads, howling draughts, and even bats in the belfry) would have been enough to phase most people. But we got the shots! Even some great shots! Thank you Suzy!
imagesse recommends SuzyMonty
Added by imagesse on 15 May 2012, shoot arranged for May 2012

I had the pleasure of working with Suzy on location last weekend. It quickly became obvious that although she has modelled for some renowned photographers and has masses of experience, Suzy retains bags of enthusiasm for what she does.

Being the consummate professional, she is well prepared, arrives early and has a brilliant, positive attitude. Even when faced with some ‘interesting’ physical challenges! It’s fair to say Suzy earned her ‘mountaineering’ and ‘hiking’ badges working with me, but despite this, Suzy is ever the lady and took everything in her stride. Great company and great fun!
litherland_photos recommends SuzyMonty
Added by litherland_photos on 26 April 2012, shoot arranged for April 2012

well what can i say about suzy....she is absoloutely amazing.
ahe has a fantastic range of poses. needs no direction, she is very creative, confident in front of the camera and has a lovely smile.

suzys has an amazing figure, she can do her own hair and make up to a very high standard, and has a great wardrobe, aswell as being an amazing model she also has a great personality and good sense of humour.

i can not recommend her highly enough. i would absoloutely love the pleasure of working with her again very soon.

thanks for a great shoot

GSC4X recommends SuzyMonty
Added by GSC4X on 30 March 2012, shoot arranged for March 2012

I recently did a delightful location shoot with the wonderful Suzy. Suzy provided a great location and some lovely outfits which suited the theme to a T. I am delighted with the results of our shoot. I would very much welcome the opportunity to work with Suzy again, very very highly recommended by me!
silverlight recommends SuzyMonty
Added by silverlight on 29 March 2012, shoot arranged for March 2012

Suzy recently came to see me for a portfolio update. She welcomed my ideas and concepts with open arms and she fell into the role I set for her perfectly.

Even though Suzy is a very experienced model, she had absolutely no problem at all responding to my direction without fuss and was very easy to work with, naturally choosing flattering posses and therefore reducing my work load.

On reflection I found Suzy to be extremely flexible with an exceptional figure and a beautiful and interesting face.

I choose to shoot in an editorial style with Suzy and after seeing the results I can confirm that this style suits her very well indeed.

Suzy was a pleasure to work with and i would no hesitate in recommending her.
rogerholt recommends SuzyMonty
Added by rogerholt on 28 March 2012, shoot arranged for March 2012

There are days when everything goes perfectly ! Blue skies ,warm sun ,and a wonderful model as well . Punctual ,professional ,delightful company ,beautiful ,and kind . Thank you Suzy . The shots were great as well !
MauricesImagery recommends SuzyMonty
Added by MauricesImagery on 25 March 2012, shoot arranged for March 2012

What a lovely person Suzy is and an absolute pleasure to work with.

This was my first shoot with Suzy. It was originally planned to do it all at my home studio, however with the weather being so good we went down to Avon Beach and did some beach shots. This was followed by further outdoor work locally in the New Forest with some glamour and nude shots, before returning to complete the shoot at my home studio.

Suzy needs no direction and poses flow seamlessly from one to another. She has a professional and relaxed nature which makes it easy and a pleasure to work with and time passes all too quickly. I could have happily carried on shooting for hours.

She arrives well presented and ready to start shooting straight away. She brought a good selection of outfits and accessories.

Pre-shoot communications were excellent. I can confidently recommend and with hopefully be doing further shoots with her.
MFotography recommends SuzyMonty
Added by MFotography on 05 March 2012, shoot arranged for March 2012

Many thanks to Suzy. It was my first shoot with her. She is very experienced and was pleasure to work with her. Definitely recommend. Many thanks
panda123 recommends SuzyMonty
Added by panda123 on 04 March 2012, shoot arranged for March 2012

What a lovely person.
Had my first shoot with Suzy on Friday. Meeting at the Penventon Hotel, a few shots in there with the Grand Piano, then off on location for some glamour and nude shots.
Suzy was an absolute dream. Needing no direction at all. Lovely poses flowed nicely from one to the other. Suzy’s professional and relaxed nature rubbed off and we had a very chilled few hours before we had to rush off. I could have happily carried on snapping for hours.
Pre-shoot communications were good. Stunning range of outfits. Book Suzy, you won’t regret it :o)
LBphotoGraphics recommends SuzyMonty
Added by LBphotoGraphics on 03 February 2012, shoot arranged for February 2012

Well this is the third shoot I have had with Suzy, well what can I say she is a true professional. We hadn't done a lot of pre shoot preparation for this one, but we didn't need to. Suzy brought loads of outfits with her and with the various textiles I already had we did some amazing images, the best so far I think.

She didn't need any posing direction, as I said she is a true professional. I would recommend her every time, particularly to any photographer who has just started doing model shoots.

Suzy is well experienced to give you advice on costume, poses and shooting angles to give you the mood you are aiming for, leaving you the chance to concentrate on the shooting.

Looking forward to our next shoot. Lloyd
LastRezort recommends SuzyMonty
Added by LastRezort on 31 January 2012, shoot arranged for January 2012

Had a shoot with Suzy this morning. She displayed great pre-shoot communication, was ahead of prompt and her demeanor & attitude helped create an easy atmosphere between us for the shoot.

Suzy required little direction, has a lovely, natural posing style & provided ideas of her own.

I can thoroughly recommend booking a shoot with her.
PeteMcD recommends SuzyMonty
Added by PeteMcD on 15 December 2011, shoot arranged for December 2011

Shot with Suzy today at Stuart House with members of the Plymouth and District Photography Club, Suzy saved the day after another model dropped out. Suzy is not only beautiful but worked hard all day, catering to 7 demanding photographers.

Suzy is one of the most professional models we have ever worked with, comes up with good creative ideas and is great fun. We are looking forward to next time, thanks Suzy very highly recommended.As one of our members said "
Just a note to say a big ‘thank you’ for your hard work on our club model photography day. Your considerable professional experience helped us all tremendously.

I learned a lot and your knowledge on how to pose allowed us to concentrate on camera settings without us having to blindly direct and hoping for the best.

I appreciate you directing our raw recruit to get the best from a very self conscious young volunteer model.
I am sure you could get many commissions in just directing young models who merely want some initial instruction.Thanks for your patience and hard work."
blackrosephotography recommends SuzyMonty
Added by blackrosephotography on 15 November 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

suzy was absolutely fantastic, a true joy to work with.
DigitalPassion recommends SuzyMonty
Added by DigitalPassion on 06 November 2011, shoot arranged for November 2011

Had a terrific shoot with Suzy today. What can I say?...Suzy was superb, very experienced and natural in front of the camera. I am very pleased with the images we created. Suzy is everything a model should be, polite, punctual, well equipt and has a fantastic attitude toward her work and other people.

She is so hard working and never complained about anything for the whole shoot. The shoot was a pleasure from start to finish and I would highly recommend her to any photographer. If only all models were as fun and down to earth as Suzy.

orsoncarter recommends SuzyMonty
Added by orsoncarter on 18 October 2011, shoot arranged for October 2011

Had the pleasure of working with Suzy today. Others have said it before me, but I'll say it again anyway... Suzy gives an object lesson in professionalism: her communications were excellent, she arrived early and well prepared, she has a shed-load of experience - she's a natural in front of the camera - and she's a lovely person to work with. If only all models were as professional as her...
constables photography recommends SuzyMonty
Added by constables photography on 14 October 2011, shoot arranged for September 2011

I would like to say that having worked with Suzy for the first time , I wonder why it took me so long to get a shoot sorted.
Suzy has it all confidence style in fact there are no negatives to report.
A photographers dream model who was so easy to work with and oh so professional. She knew exactly what we were trying to achieve bringing her own ideas to make this a great morning. So well prepared and needed no direction you can tell she is a very experienced lady and lovely with it.
Bang on target making the shoot a great success.
If you don't work with this lady you will be missing a great opportunity.
Thank you Suzy
encarva recommends SuzyMonty
Added by encarva on 07 October 2011, shoot arranged for September 2011

I had the pleasure of working with Suzy on what can only be described as a window of opportunity.
Suzy was great to talk to before the shoot offering plenty of advice, which helped to put me at ease knowing that we would be able to make the best of what the weather offered.
The weather stopped raining for probably the only two hours that weekend which was perfect, it was a bit chilly but no complaints Suzy kept on smiling.
I can honestly say that I enjoyed every minute and learnt from Suzy's wealth of knowledge and experience, definitely recommend for any type of shoot so versatile and effortless, needed no directions she just seemed to know what I was looking for.
Perfect in every way
Look forward to working with her again.
josh4249 recommends SuzyMonty
Added by josh4249 on 29 September 2011, shoot arranged for September 2011

Had an enjoyable shoot with Suzy today. Suzy has a very professional approach to her work. Good communication pre shoot and arrived early and raring to go.
During the shoot Suzy posed without direction and a true natural in front of the camera.
Recommend her to all.
mattharper recommends SuzyMonty
Added by mattharper on 12 September 2011, shoot arranged for September 2011

Suzy arrived early, looking exactly as she does in her images. One quick coffee and she was away, itching to get on and we went from one set to another very quickly and efficiently. All the way through the shoot, Suzy was fun and a great model, posing perfectly throughout.
Great fun, lots of laughs, great poses, totally prepared and professional. Very highly recommended. Suzy is welcome back any time. Many thanks
IynxiaImages recommends SuzyMonty
Added by IynxiaImages on 22 August 2011, shoot arranged for August 2011

An absolute pleasure to work on location with Suzy today! A true professional who will enhance any photographers portfolio with her elegant, graceful and effortless poses. Her versatility enables you to produce an array of diverse images and her age becomes irrelevant as she can identify easily what is needed from each shot, using her great body language and figure.
Whether you are an experienced photographer or new to the industry, Suzy is your perfect model as with her wealth of experience she understands and adapts so well to the requirements of a shoot. Not only does she produce great images but also has a fabulous chatty personality which makes the whole experience of a shoot with Suzy second to none. Without hesitation – most highly recommended!
digitalphotographer recommends SuzyMonty
Added by digitalphotographer on 17 August 2011, shoot arranged for August 2011

Had the plesure of working with Suzy on Monday the 15th, after putting out for a model on purestorm.

She turned up early and was keen to get started, she had brought a few changes of outfits and needed little direction during the shoot, which allowed us to work at a pace to get the shoot done in good time.

I would have no problems in recomending her to work with, thank you Suzy.
redtiger_jim recommends SuzyMonty
Added by redtiger_jim on 31 July 2011, shoot arranged for July 2011

Suzy lived up and surpassed all my expectations - her many years experience withing the professional modelling industry were evident from first contact and throughout our outdoor shoot.

The weather, whilst slightly overcast, did not affect her enthusiasm and Suzy naturally progressed from one classic pose to another with little or no direction - leaving me to concentrate on capturing the image and my breath when we moved from one location to another! As a keen walker Suzy is one fit lady in EVERY sense of the word !

I would strongly recommend her to any discerning photographer and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Many thanks Suzy
Studio2000 recommends SuzyMonty
Added by Studio2000 on 20 July 2011, shoot arranged for July 2011

Working with Suzy today was great, even in the poor July weather. She did not coplain once! Suzy is enthusiastic and works with a relaxed and comfortable style, needing little or no direction.
r1rocket recommends SuzyMonty
Added by r1rocket on 18 November 2010, shoot arranged for November 2010

Suzy replied a casting call that I placed for a short notice TFCD shoot up to art nude. Her communication was swift and to the point at all times, and we quickly arranged to shoot the next day. Suzy had to divert miles out of her way to make it to the shoot in Plymouth (from Truro) due to the extensive flooding and roads being closed, but kept me informed at all times and made it to the shoot only 25 minutes later than planned.
As soon as the shoot started, I could tell that she was a consumate professional and she needed no direction at all. She offered input to the shoot and was helpful throughout. We got some great images and quickly selected the first cut of images to be edited before she left.
If you want to work with one of the most professional models on Purestorm then book Suzy now. Looking forward to the next shoot.
Picmaster recommends SuzyMonty
Added by Picmaster on 05 November 2010, shoot arranged for November 2010

Suzy really looks good and has a good sence of humour and personality to match. Very easy to work with,Suzy takes direction well but also uses her considerable experiance to anticipate and to suggest shots and puts a lot of effort into the shoot.
Together we achieved what we wanted and ended up with some great images.
Highly recommended and would work with Suzya again any time.

Added by Picmaster on Thursday, July 01, 2010, shoot arranged for June 2010

Shot Suzy for the first time at the Stuart House group shoot. Suzy is a delight
to work with and has a very profesional attitude. The time I had with Suzy seemed
to fly by. Would recomend her to anyone.
martinchivers recommends SuzyMonty
Added by martinchivers on 04 November 2010, shoot arranged for November 2010

Suzy has just left the studio after our shoot. She is a really nice lady! fantastic figure. great outfits. I shoot lots of models & would deffinatly recombend her! Pre shoot coms were good too, She arrived on time.

All good stuff!
Badger recommends SuzyMonty
Added by Badger on 01 November 2010, shoot arranged for November 2010

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Suzy today,it was a hastily arranged shoot,but well worth the effort. We did a full range of styles, from ball gown through to art nude and the results that we achieved shows what a stunning and professional model she is.Excellent comms and turned up early despite not feeling well last night. She is so easy to work with and so much fun, it was a real delight. Suzy has amazing looks and body, and she knows just how to use them to make good pictures. I can't reccommend her highly enough and have already talked with her about another shoot. Today was agood day, thank you Suzy, Trev x x x
ianrhudson recommends SuzyMonty
Added by ianrhudson on 26 September 2010, shoot arranged for September 2010

Had a shoot with Suzy a few days ago, which was a great success as she is a true professional, taking instruction and direction easily and without fuss. Not only was the session productive but it was also great fun for both of us, and I would not hesitate to recommend Suzy to any photographer who wants to work with a mature model whose enthusiasm is infectious. Quite a lady!
LEGENDACB recommends SuzyMonty
Added by LEGENDACB on 20 September 2010, shoot arranged for September 2010

Suzy,a very photogenic model which more than shows through in my digital art-worked photograph of her. Have to say, doing business with such a professional was a great pleasure and look forward to working with her again in the very near future!
Johno450 recommends SuzyMonty
Added by Johno450 on 25 August 2010, shoot arranged for August 2010

I had the very good fortune to work with Suzy again yesterday.
Suzy is a super professional model, and we covered a lot of ground to do some different themes. Her depth and knowledge, along with her professionalism makes a shoot very rewarding.
Thanks again Suzy for a fun day, definate five stars for this lovely lady.
Nicam recommends SuzyMonty
Added by Nicam on 31 July 2010, shoot arranged for July 2010

Suzy is a delightful lady. Bags of experience and very easy to work with. Total professional and would fully recommend. After so many years at the top, she still has the enthusiasm of somebody starting out. Book her with total confidence.
PETE_TURNER recommends SuzyMonty
Added by PETE_TURNER on 31 July 2010, shoot arranged for July 2010

Had my doubts, about working with someone of suzie's age,at first, but saw it as a bit of a challenge.
Especially considering my genre, Art nude.
But was in for a pleasant surprise.
Suzie exceeding my expectations, and threw her self into the shoot like a true professional she no doubt is.
Her body is in excellent shape, have no doubt about that.
Sue was a pleasure to work with..
and am glad I did.
Together we achieved some excellent results.
oneclicknikon recommends SuzyMonty
Added by oneclicknikon on 13 July 2010, shoot arranged for July 2010

Did a shoot with Suzy on Monday the 12th July
And have to agree with all the other photographer comments on her feedback page.
She is a lovely lady very easy to get on with and someone that would become a real friend
Over time. She has a real passion for modelling and gives 100%
Of herself to the shoot knowing just what to do.
Which for someone like me that has little experienceAt this sort of work and wanting to learn, was a big help. I know we will work together again and look forward to working in better weather.
Thanks Suzy x
andycaseyphotography recommends SuzyMonty
Added by andycaseyphotography on 06 July 2010, shoot arranged for July 2010

Fantasic work Suzy Great Model Great fun
Plymjack recommends SuzyMonty
Added by Plymjack on 04 July 2010, shoot arranged for June 2010

Real Cornish Treasure... worth hunting down and booking a shoot with anytime soon.... fun and a pleasure to work with.
kevinuk recommends SuzyMonty
Added by kevinuk on 30 June 2010, shoot arranged for June 2010

Well it was a pleasure to meet and work with this amazing person on Sunday at the group shoot.
Suzy is professional and very clever with ideas she knows what she likes and wants from the shoot. it was a pleasure and hope we get to work together again soon

highly recommend

thanks again Kevin
babcom recommends SuzyMonty
Added by babcom on 29 June 2010, shoot arranged for July 2010

A highly experienced and capable model who clearly knew what was desired and ably managed to achieve this amidst the mayhem of a workshop - and the madness of certain photographers! Many thanks, Suzy.
Geminiphotographic recommends SuzyMonty
Added by Geminiphotographic on 29 June 2010, shoot arranged for June 2010

I worked with Suzy at the Stuart House group shoot> Suzy was a pleasure to work with, who needed no direction whilst posing for two photographers at the same time.

Thank you Suzy.
ALPhotos recommends SuzyMonty
Added by ALPhotos on 28 June 2010, shoot arranged for June 2010

What a hoot we had with Suzy, 2 men crawling around the floor and shooting from all sorts of angles whilst Suzy posed. A real gem to work with, the dress she wore for the shoot looked as stunning as she did. Thank you Suzy for making our 1st shoot such a good one
Picmog recommends SuzyMonty
Added by Picmog on 15 June 2010, shoot arranged for June 2010

Prior communication was excellent. For actual shoot, Suzy was punctual and very well prepared. An absolute pleasure to work with. Suzy posed well. with lots of creative ideas and we achieved some great results.
philhackettphotography recommends SuzyMonty
Added by philhackettphotography on 12 May 2010, shoot arranged for May 2010

I had a great shoot with Suzy today - we'd planned an outdoor shoot but the weather was marginal - Suzy quickly came up with lots of great ideas for shots and we managed to some super photos of Suzy in different outfits before rain stopped play! Working with such an experienced model was a great and made it effortless for me to get winning shots! Many thanks Suzy!
Hedoman recommends SuzyMonty
Added by Hedoman on 22 April 2010, shoot arranged for April 2010

We had a beach shoot today on a secluded beach near Falmouth, only two other people on the beach so very relaxing. Suzy is a true pro and we got on very well. The hard climb up and down to the beach was the worst part of it but the images were well worth it. Suzy has worked with so many top people in her career I thought I would be out of my depth but she made me feel very relaxed and I think we got some nice images.
Tom2009 recommends SuzyMonty
Added by Tom2009 on 02 March 2010, shoot arranged for March 2010

Suzy fitted me in for a location shoot at short notice when I happened to be in her area. I found her to be highly professional, very helpful & encouraging, and with a vast depth of experience to draw on as well as great looks and dress sense. She totally knows her stuff and will go the extra mile, literally, to get the results. We only had time for a short session but hopefully will have another opportunity to work with Suzy soon! Thank you Suzy!