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Username: toxicinnocence ID: 260205 Name: Toxic Innocence Age: 22
Toxic Innocence Bust: 31in (78cm)
Waist: 27in (68cm)
Height61in (5' 1") (154cm)
Hips: 38in (96cm)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Weight: 122lbs (55kg)

Country: United Kingdom
Region: London
Work Preference
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Parts Modeling
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msmith_tog recommends toxicinnocence
Added by msmith_tog on 10 April 2018, shoot arranged for April 2018

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Toxic Innocence on 2nd April. She is a stunningly pretty model and the essence of professional. She is easy to work with, very responsive to direction and the shoot flew by far too fast. Great model, great results!
STUDIOMERLIN recommends toxicinnocence
Added by STUDIOMERLIN on 13 February 2018, shoot arranged for February 2018

Have just had a photoshoot with Tomoko, It was brilliant, arrived on time, and was a pleasure to work with, she was easy to work with and very creative. Will be working with her again shortly, and highly recommend her.
BlueLah recommends toxicinnocence
Added by BlueLah on 20 January 2018, shoot arranged for January 2018

Recently worked alongside the lovely Tomoko . Great fun and look forward to working with her again
Liteangle recommends toxicinnocence
Added by Liteangle on 16 November 2017, shoot arranged for November 2017

I had an excellent shoot with this beautiful lady earlier this week. We got the images I wanted and I'm very pleased with the outcome. She is very well organised and reliable so I have no hesitation in recommending her. Thank you very much.
michael_cameraman recommends toxicinnocence
Added by michael_cameraman on 01 September 2017, shoot arranged for September 2017

Absolutely excellent first shoot with Tomoko

Pre-shoot communications meant she arrive on time with everything that had been requested.

She gave a superb performance and we shot some excellent material.

I'm happy to recommend her as a first class model and look forward to shooting with Tomoko again.
George99 recommends toxicinnocence
Added by George99 on 22 June 2017, shoot arranged for June 2017

I had my third shoot with Tomoko yesterday at her home which proved as productive as the previous shoot. Tomoko is friendly, patient and professional throughout the shoot and as always it was a pleasure to work with her.

I look forward to our next shoot.
fannmore recommends toxicinnocence
Added by fannmore on 06 June 2017, shoot arranged for June 2017

Tomoko is a lovely,charming girl and an excellent model.Although the shoot was short,she worked hard to create the required images needing little direction.A true professional,with striking looks,great figure and a friendly personality,she is a delight to work with.Highly recommended! Thanks Tomoko.
Flair_Photography recommends toxicinnocence
Added by Flair_Photography on 01 June 2017, shoot arranged for May 2017

Another five star shoot with Tomoko! Not only is she a stunning model with a lovely personality but she is also one the most efficient and organised people I have ever worked with.
Her communications are detailed and specific , which avoids any misunderstandings, and she even has a blog on which you can see and select the items you would like her to bring to the shoot.
The shoot always runs as smoothly as the communications, she poses with flair and the transitions from one pose to the next are seemless. It is a real pleasure to work with her. Thank you Tomoko.
Thunder_Photos recommends toxicinnocence
Added by Thunder_Photos on 14 May 2017, shoot arranged for May 2017

2 years ago, On May 23rd 2015 I wrote

"What a delight. What a beautiful model.Tomoko turned up on time with a Tardis case full of clothes, shoes, etc.Booked a 4 hour shoot & time just flew by. Professional, beautiful poses, friendly. A joy to work with.
Already talking about future shoots with her. I can't talk more highly of this delightful model. Thoroughly recommended ."

Since when I have worked with her many many times. Last week on a video shoot with another model.

Each time Tomoko turns up with her tardis of clothes it is like the 1st time - a lovely photographic experience. She is still a "must shoot" model

photosofcheryl recommends toxicinnocence
Added by photosofcheryl on 12 May 2017, shoot arranged for May 2017

Had a great shoot with Toxic!

Really easy to get on with, beautiful girl and a pleasure to work with.

Definitely recommended
StuH recommends toxicinnocence
Added by StuH on 15 March 2017, shoot arranged for March 2017

Wow, simply WOW... Toxicinnocence describes her perfectly. Fantastic comms, she even has a link to images of her outfits 'virtual wardrobe' arrived at the shoot early and fully prepared. Fabulous figure amazing ability in front of the camera very professional attitude. All in all one of the very best models I have worked with in >20yrs, very highly recommended
david10203 recommends toxicinnocence
Added by david10203 on 23 January 2017, shoot arranged for January 2016

I had a great shoot a few days ago (January 2017) and found her to be a fine professional model. I arrived at her apartment a little early but "toxic" was ready for me. We discussed various ideas and she came up with many of her own. A very easy going person and I can't wait for the next shoot. Good luck for the future "toxic"
David 10203
MrJohn recommends toxicinnocence
Added by MrJohn on 17 January 2017, shoot arranged for January 2016

This was my 2nd shoot and forgot to leave her a reference,
Enjoyed every minute of my time with her. She poses brilliantly without direction, and works in a professional manner but also in a relaxed way, which is just the way I like to work too,
I hope to work again with her highly recommended.
Thomsk recommends toxicinnocence
Added by Thomsk on 31 August 2016, shoot arranged for August 2016

Tomoko is a very talented professional model. Everything from first contact, to arrival, clothes to bring, makeup before shoot was all excellent and without a fuss. Great personality too with ideas. Thanks for a great shoot.
johnpeters recommends toxicinnocence
Added by johnpeters on 18 August 2016, shoot arranged for August 2016

My third shoot with Toxicinnocence and this time we shot at the models home: Toxicinnocence has a lovely selection of outfits, and there are plenty of good scenes to be used as backdrops. There is also good natural light but on this occasion I chose to have a balance of natural and flash. A lovely fun model, a natural poser, and wow what a figure, very photogenic. Highly recommended.
sniffer recommends toxicinnocence
Added by sniffer on 22 June 2016, shoot arranged for June 2016

Had lovely afternoon with Tomoko.She has a bubbly personality which transmits itself to the lens.Well organised and great communication.Brilliant to work with.
paulfcm16 recommends toxicinnocence
Added by paulfcm16 on 25 March 2016, shoot arranged for March 2016

Another great shoot with Tomoko, lots of changes, lots of shots, lots of fun. To be repeated.
Pellium recommends toxicinnocence
Added by Pellium on 06 March 2016, shoot arranged for February 2016

After the first fantastic shoot I just had to go back for another. She really is a lovely person and fantastic model. No doubt shoot number three will be coming up.
triplejphoto recommends toxicinnocence
Added by triplejphoto on 10 December 2015, shoot arranged for December 2015

Had a great shoot with Tomoko. Good communication before the shoot and she turned up on time with her extensive range of items.

She is very relaxed working naked and very professional. We tried many styles and situations. She can do her own poses and also takes direction well, working with you to get the required shot.

I would highly recommend her.
johnlp recommends toxicinnocence
Added by johnlp on 05 November 2015, shoot arranged for October 2015

A wonderful model. She is smart, organised, enthusiastic, collaborative and a delight to work with. Her unique looks together with a lovely figure and flawless skin meant that there was never any doubt that the quality of the images was going to be high. Her range of poses, levels and the clothes she bought also meant that we were never short of things to shoot. Whole heartedly recommended.
krissB recommends toxicinnocence
Added by krissB on 30 October 2015, shoot arranged for October 2015

great shoot with Tomoko yesterday at my place,she arrived on time bag full of outfits.
really nice and friendly girl(real happy bunny).
once shooting the poses seemingly flowed with ease,and my estimate of around 200 pics soon reached 540.fabulous model ,bright and intellegent,a pleasure to work with.
Recommended? you bet
BigEarsPix recommends toxicinnocence
Added by BigEarsPix on 15 October 2015, shoot arranged for October 2015

I wasn't in the best of health for this shoot but Tomoko's professionalism saw me through. Easy to work with and well organized.
PeterB4712 recommends toxicinnocence
Added by PeterB4712 on 30 September 2015, shoot arranged for September 2015

I had a wonderful shoot with this very versatile and professional young lady and have to say this was one of the best shoots I have had for a long time. Tomoko has a unique style and is a very genuine person that works with you to create great images. Her pre-shoot communications were excellent, she turned up with lots of clothing and accessories and brought everything that we agreed for the shoot. Very highly recommended.
Thank you Tomoko
paulreeves recommends toxicinnocence
Added by paulreeves on 16 July 2015, shoot arranged for July 2015

Working with toxic innocence was a pleasure.
keeping the booking at the exact time,bringing an amazing selection of
wardrobe and expertly doing her own makeup was all a true delight.
I highly recommend this professional and lovely model.
Paul Reeves.
para recommends toxicinnocence
Added by para on 13 July 2015, shoot arranged for July 2015

Had a really good shoot with Tomoko today,she worked very hard and I got seven differant sets which involved a lot of costume changes,which was no bother to Tomoko

Tomoko takes it all in her stride gets on with the job and one model I will recommend to all photographers
mark44 recommends toxicinnocence
Added by mark44 on 05 July 2015, shoot arranged for July 2015

Had a brilliant shoot with Tomoko at the factory studio.She is very friendly and easy to work with.I would recommend anyone to book her and i am looking forward to our next shoot.
TheRealJoelio recommends toxicinnocence
Added by TheRealJoelio on 29 June 2015, shoot arranged for June 2015

I had the pleasure of doing a shoot with Tomoko during a trip to the London area. After looking through pages of profiles here on Purestorm I final decided that she was perfect for the shoot I wanted to do. She traveled over an hour from London to Crawley (where I was staying) and arrived on time. She brought a big suitcase filled with lots of options of a wide range of clothing styles. She is very professional, extremely experienced and genuinely sweet. She is also a very interesting person to talk to.

As for the shoot itself, I wanted to do some outdoor fashion shots as well as some boudoir shots and if time allowed I wanted to get some shots to use for a project involving a porcelain skin effect. I allowed 6 hours with a break for lunch to make sure we could complete at least the minimum I wanted to shoot. Tomoko is so experienced that we finished everything in a fraction of the time. I literally told her the idea for each part of the shoot and she just transitioned from pose to pose without any need of direction from me. She just listened for the shutter click and moved on to another pose. Due to her experience we were able to complete everything I wanted to shoot and we actually did the boudoir part a few times with multiple outfits. I have worked with models before but never ones that helped me capture the shots so easily and quickly.

The few times that I did ask for a specific pose she understood and transitioned right into it. She is so easy to work with. I can’t say enough about how great she is. I am so happy that she was available to work with me on this shoot. If you are looking for a professional experienced model with a really cute look then book Tomoko as soon as you can. You won’t be disappointed.
focus_photo recommends toxicinnocence
Added by focus_photo on 13 June 2015, shoot arranged for June 2015

Had a fabulous shoot with Tomoko recently. Communications were very straightforward & completed quickly. She is absolutely beautiful, with a stunning figure & posed effortlessly throughout the shoot. Tomoko brought along a good range of outfits to achieve the looks I wanted. A fantastic model & I hope the first of many shoots.

Highly recommended !
nunude recommends toxicinnocence
Added by nunude on 06 June 2015, shoot arranged for June 2015

Yesterday I enjoyed a very productive shoot with Toxic Innocence.
Pre shoot coms were precise and efficient, and specific updates were made as the date neared keeping us both informed. We shot both at my garden and on location and each time Toxic was able to understand my requirements and add to them as required. She has a very toned, petite body which is both sexy and photogenic. I'd certainly recommend her to any photographer. Thanks!
richardu recommends toxicinnocence
Added by richardu on 26 May 2015, shoot arranged for May 2015

Tomoko, is something special, I had a shoot with her yesterday and produced some amazing images.If you book her you'll not be disappointed.
BicycleRacer recommends toxicinnocence
Added by BicycleRacer on 24 May 2015, shoot arranged for May 2015

Tomoko is an absolutely superb model, faultless in her contact prior to the shoot, and faultless posing and attitude during our four hour shoot at Keranda studio.

I thoroughly enjoyed our studio shoot, Tomoko is chatty and fun, has great body shapes and looks, quality range of outfits resulting in stunning images and time flew far to fast, always the sign of a good studio shoot.

I highly recommend her to other photographers and I have already asked her to book me in again.

Thank you for making the studio day a success !! Steve X
kerandastudio2 recommends toxicinnocence
Added by kerandastudio2 on 21 May 2015, shoot arranged for May 2015

Was a pleasure to welcome Tomoko to Keranda Studio for a booking with a regular studio client.
Booking and travel arrangements were carried out with ease and confidence.
I am delighted that I decided to shoot with Tomoko myself , finding a talented and dedicated model who applies great attention to detail and shows genuine interest in the shoot project.
Must also mention that despite a long journey involving two trains.
Tomoko brought alone the most extensive wardrobe witnessed at the studio, is only 5' 1'' tall but struggled along with massive suitcase , large back pack plus a couple of other bags but still appeared looking great and enthusiastic for the day ahead.
I look forward to welcome Toxic Innocence to the studio again, highly recommended.

Kevin x
bizz recommends toxicinnocence
Added by bizz on 15 May 2015, shoot arranged for April 2015

Tomoko is a delightful girl with a very unique look and beautiful flawless slim body. She is totally confident working the nude and her experience being photographed is obvious in the natural way she poses for each shot. Love her hair and love her smile. I would certainly like to photograph her again.
cliffc recommends toxicinnocence
Added by cliffc on 12 May 2015, shoot arranged for May 2015

Had a second shoot with Tomoko, as before she is delightful to work with. lots of ideas of her own. beginners who lack knowledge of poses
Tomoko, Is your model as, for professionals you find will her The ideal model
parafotos recommends toxicinnocence
Added by parafotos on 29 April 2015, shoot arranged for April 2015

What an enchanting young lady! The forecast for our location shoot was pretty grim but Tomoko insisted that it wouldn't bother her - nor did it! It wasn't very warm and we dodged a few showers but when the sun did break through she gave 100% and we created some stunning images. I can recommend her unreservedely - she's totally professional, looks fantastic and is delightful company. I'm already looking forward to working with her again. Thank you so much, Beautiful Lady!
skystudio recommends toxicinnocence
Added by skystudio on 26 April 2015, shoot arranged for April 2015

I had the pleasure of working with Toxic at my home studio. From the minute i contacted her you could tell everything would run smoothly. Pre shoot contact was very good. she bends over backwards to gather the outfits you want. Toxis was bang on time & came with a large case of clothing. she has an excellent body & poses well. This lady has her act together!
Thank you for an excellent shoot toxic.
Reg x
CCP recommends toxicinnocence
Added by CCP on 16 April 2015, shoot arranged for April 2015

Did a great shoot with toxicinnocence today. She is very organised, very professional, and is a real pleasure to photograph. A real lady too.

I got lots a great shots with ease, I couldn't ask for more from this model. I find shooting models quite hard work believe it or not, trying to get the right shots and angles, but this model is great to shoot, the shoot was so very easy!

Toxicinnocence has a great look for arty type shots, great hair, lovely body shape. A very nice person too. I very much recommend this great little model. :)
Gingers recommends toxicinnocence
Added by Gingers on 13 April 2015, shoot arranged for April 2015

Great 1st shoot with Toxic.
Lovely lady, with a great selection of shoes and can pose well.

Highly recommended
Simonphoto recommends toxicinnocence
Added by Simonphoto on 10 April 2015, shoot arranged for April 2015

Excellent model in every single way. Much recommended
AlletunYL recommends toxicinnocence
Added by AlletunYL on 02 April 2015, shoot arranged for April 2015

I had a very diverse and productive shoot with Toxic Innocence yesterday. She had great communication pre shoot and during the shoot. Posing is very much part of her Toxic Innocence nature, which I really enjoyed shooting. Extremely imaginative with different ways of expressing herself. Thankyou for a refreshing and dedicated attitude. I look forward to sharing the fruits of our work together and would definitely work with again. Book Toxic Innocence, a real Star.
Images1854 recommends toxicinnocence
Added by Images1854 on 30 March 2015, shoot arranged for March 2015

I worked with Tomoko on a 4 hour shoot, Tomoko is a very pretty girl, great personality and really is a total delight to photograph. I can not speak highly enough of this young lady as a model. I said we will work with her again and can not wait for a 2nd shoot. Hopefully this time the time won't fly-by. If you are thinking of working with her you will not be disappointed guranteed.
photostevo recommends toxicinnocence
Added by photostevo on 23 March 2015, shoot arranged for March 2015

Had an awesome shoot with Toxic Innocence. She was on time and brought all I asked for and more. A lovely model to work with, she nailed all the concepts and is Highly Recommended. Stevo
zzdigital recommends toxicinnocence
Added by zzdigital on 20 March 2015, shoot arranged for February 2015

I have recently had a number of enjoyable and productive shoots with this lovely model

Communication is excellent as is her presentation and very positive attitude. We covered many themes and both indoor and out using different lighting and genres . She is great company and is adaptable with a positive demeanor; She also has the ability to input to her own excellent ideas. I can thoroughly recommend her as she worked tirelessly with a smile !

Thanks so much for visiting my studio and look forward to our next shoot.